Microsoft is rolling out some upgrades for

Microsoft announced today that will be getting some new features and upgrades in the coming weeks. Redmond revealed the changes via this official Office blog post

First, there’s Advanced Rules, which will allegedly grant you greater control over how your emails are sorted and organized, based on new conditions which you can customize. They’ll include time constraints, whether someone who sends you an email is a person you’re familiar with, and other factors as well. For example, you can set Outlook to flag an unread email that’s older than a couple of days as “Important,” but that’s just one scenario that you’ll be able to set up.

You’ll be able to correct some unintended mistakes with the addition of a new Undo button.  We’re all guilty of accidentally deleting emails, putting them in the wrong folder, and so on. By hitting an Undo button, or by using the classic CTRL + Z Undo shortcut when in Outlook, you’ll be able to quickly right those wrongs.

Microsoft will also be adding in-line email replies, and aims to streamline chat messaging to make facilitating conversations and opening recent ones easier. Icons will indicate who is and isn’t available to chat, and you can sort people by what service they’re currently using, whether it’s Skype or Facebook.

Microsoft will begin rolling out the changes today, so if you don’t see them yet, don’t fret. They’ll be there sooner or later, as is the case with most, if not all software roll-outs.

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