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how to password protect a powerpoint document secure passwords header 625x1000

How to password protect a Powerpoint document

Powerpoint documents could contain sensitive and/or confidential information. Here, we show you how to secure these docs with a password.
https vulnerability public wifi leak urls internet coffee shop

Do you want an Internet free of advertising? You’d have to pay about $230 per year for that, study says

An Internet free of advertising would cost you hundreds of bucks per year, according to one study.
microsoft adds 50 new u s cities google street view like bing maps service golden gate

Microsoft adds over 50 new U.S. cities to Google Street View-like Bing Maps service

There a bunch of new U.S. that you can check out using the Streetside feature on Bing Maps now. Learn more here.
acer reveals chromebox cxi desktop pc specs price release

Acer’s Chromebox CXI is a tiny desktop running Google’s Chrome OS

Acer just revealed a new desktop that's small, cheap, and runs Google's Chrome OS. You can learn more about the Chromebox CXI here.
canon reveals new pixma printers mg7520 mg6620 mg5620

Canon’s new trio of PIXMA printers can print stuff from the cloud

Canon dishes on a new troika of printers that can wirelessly connect to and print from your cloud storage accounts. Learn more here.
steve ballmer wants clippers switch ipads windows

Steve Ballmer steps down from Microsoft’s Board of Directors

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has left his position as a member of the company's Board of Directors.
mailbox mac os x beta now introduces draft support message snooze features compose

Mailbox Mac OS X beta out now, introduces draft support, message snooze features

Mailbox, Dropbox's mail app, is coming to Mac OS X, and will bring a couple of new features along with it. Learn more here.
amd and ocz team up to release radeon r7 series of ssds starting at 100 out now ssd

AMD and OCZ team up to release Radeon R7 series of SSDs which start at $100

Got the SSD itch? AMD and OCZ give you another fork with which to scratch it, revealing their new Radeon R7 line of SSDs today which start at $99.99.
sandisk ultra ii ssds start at 80 out in september

SanDisk reveals a bunch of new Ultra II SSDs, which start at $80

On the hunt for a new SSD? If so, you can get one of SanDisk's Ultra II drives for under $100 starting next month.
windows xp share falls abruptly 8 1 soars impressively

Microsoft pulls Windows 8.1 updates, which can cause blue screens of death, restart loops

You should avoid downloading Windows 8.1 Update 2, which have been known to cause blue screens of death, among other problems. Learn more here.
Internet explorer

Microsoft releases patches for Internet Explorer slowdown bug, how to download

Internet Explorer has come under fire due to issues with extreme slowdowns in performance. Thankfully, Microsoft has patched that problem.
HP Envy X360 back hinge

The HP Stream 14’s specs leak, and it takes direct aim at Chromebooks

You can learn more about the HP Stream 14, a Chromebook competitor whose specs just leaked, here.
nvidia titan z delays continue unclear when it will be released gpu graphics card

How to see what kind of graphics card you have without opening your computer

There may be times where you want to find out what kind of graphics card your computer has. This free program for Windows will tell you.
internet explorer on the rise chrome and firefox lose steam windows 8 ie 11

Windows 9 Threshold public preview could be released as soon as next month

A new report says that a public preview of Windows 9 will be available sometime in late September 2014. Learn more here.
microsoft reveals surface pro 3 docking station specs news price

$200 Surface Pro 3 docking station adds mini DisplayPort, five USB ports, Gigabit Ethernet, and more

The Surface Pro 3's Docking Station is available now, and it adds a handful of ports to Microsoft's latest slate. Learn more about it here.
The Apple Magic Mouse on a table.

Apple patent reveals possible future mouse with built-in sensors and vibration

This hypothetical rodent could use these built in sensors to detect how hard you're clicking on something.
amd reveals new never settle bundles for radeon customers

AMD will celebrate its history with new hardware announcements on August 23

AMD says that it will be taking the wraps off brand new hardware during a live webcast soon.
google will add malicious download notifications chrome

Google will add malicious download notifications to Chrome

Chrome will soon be able to tell you whenever you come across malicious downloads while browsing the Web.
microsoft improves bings ability to improve understand natural conversation in search bing

Microsoft improves Bing’s ability to understand natural conversation in search

Microsoft says that it has improved Bing's ability to understand natural conversation and context when it comes to search.
netflix q2 subscribers family

The U.S. has slower average Netflix streaming speeds than Colombia, Brazil, and Chile

The U.S. is among the nations with the slowest average Netflix streaming speeds, according to data compiled by the company. You can learn more here.
netflix rates verizon as worst cablevision best isps for streaming

Verizon is the worst ISP for streaming Netflix in the U.S., says Netflix

New data from Netflix indicates that Verizon subscribers are getting absolutely hosed when they're using the streaming video service. Learn more here.
comcast tries to scam someone else out of their money but fails

Comcast tries to scam someone else out of their money, but fails

Tim Davis was offered a free equipment exam by a Comcast rep, but the company charged him for multiple items and refused to refund the money.
samsung galaxy note 3 front screen

Manchester United bans fans from taking laptops, tablets, and maybe some smartphones to home games

Manchester United has announced that fans can't take laptops and tablets to games. They might have also unknowingly banned some smartphones too.
usb type c ready to be produced compatible devices coming by early 2015 usb3 1a 970x0

USB Type-C ready to be produced, compatible devices coming ‘by early 2015’

The next generation of USB connectors and cables are going to hit the market soon, and they should bring about slimmer laptops, tablets, and smartphones.
cortana voice assistant app coming to windows 9 threshold win 8 start 3

More signs point to Cortana appearing in Windows 9 Threshold

It's becoming increasingly likely that Cortana will be released alongside Windows 9. You can learn more here.
Facebook homepage

Here’s how to remove the Facebook Color Changer malware

If you recently downloaded an app that claimed to allow you to change the color of your Facebook profile, you need to read this.
new intel hd graphics iris pro drivers benchmarked core i7

Intel’s new processors range from fanless to ferociously powerful (Updated)

At Computex 2014, Intel took the wraps off a brand new slate of processors that are geared towards multiple types of consumers.
acer chromebook 13 hands on specs features impressions 3

Hands on: Acer claims the Chromebook 13 has guts, so we put it to the test

We went hands on with the Acer Chromebook 13, which is the world's first Chrome OS laptop with an Nvidia Tegra K1 processor inside.
origin pc battlebox z 4k gaming nvidia titan

Origin PC’s Battlebox rigs are 4K gaming-ready and all start at under $4K

Origin PC's new Battlebox Z gaming rigs are all ready to tackle 4K gaming right out of the box.
acers chromebook 13 is the first powered by an nvidia tegra k1 processor acer

Acer’s Chromebook 13 laptop features Nvidia Tegra K1 processor, 13-hour battery

Acer just unveiled the Chromebook 13, the first Chrome OS laptop powered by an Nvidia Tegra K1 processor.
microsoft warns of serious internet explorer flaw security

How to get rid of the Cryptolocker malware and decrypt your files for free

Has Cryptolocker taken hold on your computer and kept some of your files from you? Have no fear! There's a way to decrypt those documents for free now.
how to password protect a word document

How to password protect a Word document

Password protecting a Microsoft Word document is easy, and who doesn't have sensitive files that they'd rather keep safe from prying eyes?
warkitteh cat collar detects weak wi fi encryption

Say hello to WarKitteh, a cat collar that sniffs out weakly encrypted and unprotected Wi-Fi networks

With WarKitteh, you can strengthen your bond with your cat by enlisting them to sniff out weakly protected wireless Internet networks. This is not a joke.
which us state has the fastest slowest internet speed

Alaska has the slowest average Internet speed in the country, while Virginia has the fastest

Have you ever wondered where your state ranks in terms of average Internet speed? We have the answer, courtesy of a new study's findings.