AMD will celebrate its history with new hardware announcements on August 23

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GPU maker AMD announced today that it will be celebrating 30 years of its history during a live Webcast, which will be hosted by Richard Huddy, AMD’s Chief Gaming Scientist. As part of the event, the company said that they will also be announcing brand new hardware.

AMD revealed the news in this official blog post.

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The event will no doubt take fans and PC hardware historians through the debut of multiple processor lines including Athlon, its acquisition of ATI, and much more. That won’t be all, apparently.

“Festivities to be commemorated with special guests, never-before-heard stories and new product announcements​,” the company’s post says. However, it’s unclear to us what those announcements could be.

We reached out to AMD about this with the hopes that they would at least provide us with some clues as to what will be revealed. No dice, unfortunately.

“It shall be a surprise,” AMD told Digital Trends.

New graphics cards are a safe bet of course, but we’d love to see a renewed commitment to desktop processors that could rival what Intel offers with the best its Core-i line. However, the latter is highly unlikely.

The webcast will kick off on August 23, at 10:00 a.m. EDT.

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