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Microsoft SURFACE Pro 3 start screen

Surface Pro 3 firmware update claims to improve Wi-Fi reliability, system stability

The Surface Pro 3 just got a new firmware update. Here are the improvements Microsoft claims it will add to its latest Surface device.
notifications center reportedly coming windows 9

Notifications center reportedly coming to Windows 9

A report claims that Windows 9 will feature a Notification Center that's stored in the system tray. Learn more here.
Dell Cast hands on dongle logo

Hands on with Dell Cast: Put Android on a monitor, but only with a Dell Venue tablet

microsoft bans it support ads bing

Microsoft removes Bing Image Widget after Getty Images files lawsuit

Microsoft's Bing Image Widget has been taken down after Getty Images filed a lawsuit alleging that it illegally contained photos from its library.
google area 21 hq

Google to hold public debates about ‘right to be forgotten’ throughout Europe

Google will hold public debates about the "right to be forgotten" ruling throughout Europe this fall. Learn more here.
nvidia geforce gtx 980 3dmark fire strike benchmark scores leak flickr

Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 and 980M 3DMark Fire Strike benchmark scores leak

These allegedly leaked benchmark numbers paint a clearer picture of how Nvidia's upcoming GTX 980 graphics card will stack up. Learn more here.
HP Stream purple press image

HP’s Stream 14 laptop aims to directly compete with Chromebooks

HP hopes to take a bit out of the Chromebook-dominated low cost laptop market with its new AMD-powered Stream 14 laptop.
pc market could get a major boost this holiday season ifa 2014 asus eeebook x205 2 970x646 c

Rebirth! Here’s why new life is coming to the PC market

Multiple factors could combine over the next few months to inject new life into the PC market.
Dell Chromebox for Meetings

Dell debuts Chromebox, and Chromebox for Meetings at IFA 2014

Dell just took the wraps off of its new Chromebox, and Chromebox for Meetings desktops. You can learn more here.
Lenovo ThinkPad Helix 2

Lenovo’s new ThinkPad Helix gets thinner and more flexible with a Core M inside

Lenovo Horizon 2s

Lenovo outs a new pair of smaller, table-friendly Horizon desktop PCs

Lenovo's new Horizon desktop PCs are made for your table, but they won't totally engulf them either. You can also get both for under $1,000.
Lenovo Edge 15

Lenovo’s Edge 15 business laptop may be thin, but it’s not light

Get a load of the Edge 15, which is Lenovo's newest business-oriented laptop. The company just took the wraps off it at IFA 2014.
Asus MeMo Pad 7

Asus bakes 1080p into its new 7-inch Memo Pad 7 Android tablet at IFA 2014

ASUS' new Memo Pad 7 tablet runs Android, and sports a 1080p 7-inch IPS screen. You can learn more here.
Samsung UD970

Samsung’s new 32-inch 4K monitor could be a photo editor’s dream

Samsung's new 4K monitor isn't cheap, but if you're a content creator or a big-time data cruncher, you might find that it's well worth the cost.
Asus Zenbook UX305 front angle

Asus claims its ZenBook UX305 is ‘thinner than air,’ powered by Intel Core M

The Asus ZenBook UX305 is super-thin, ultra-light, and runs on Intel's upcoming Core M processor. You can learn more here.
Asus EeeBook X205 2

Asus’ goofiest name returns in the EeeBook X205, a $200 Windows 8.1 notebook

One of Asus' newest notebooks, dubbed the EeeBook, is an 11.6-inch device that looks to compete directly with Chromebooks. Learn more here.
Toshiba Chromebook 2

Toshiba’s upgraded Chromebook 2 packs a high-res 1080p screen on the cheap

Toshiba latest device is a Chromebook! Plus, it's one of the few out there with a 1080p display. You can learn more about the Chromebook 2 here.
Lenovo Erazer X315 6 press image

Lenovo’s Erazer X315 is a $600+ desktop for gamers on a budget

Lenovo's latest gaming rig is built for buyers on a budget. You can learn more about the Erazer X315 here.
lenovos y70 touch is a supersized version of its y50 gaming laptop lenovo 11

Lenovo’s Y70 Touch is a supersized version of its Y50 gaming laptop

Lenovo just announced its new Y70 Touch laptop at IFA 2014, which is essentially a larger version of the Y50. You can learn more here.
google software removal utilty removes malware toolbars pop ups chrome 9 640x0

Google Chrome usage dips below 20 percent on desktops, while Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer gain

Google Chrome got a little less popular in the desktop world last month. You can learn more here.
windows xp share falls abruptly 8 1 soars impressively

Windows 8 and 8.1 both gain users, but still can’t touch Windows XP, even combined

Windows 8 and 8.1 gains users, but neither can still sniff the amount of computers that Windows XP is still installed on. Learn more here.
onedrive will work windows 10 version 1422244858 microsoft

Microsoft is removing the 2GB file sync ban on its OneDrive cloud storage service

Microsoft is lifting the ban on syncing files larger than 2GB right now. Users first noticed the new policy, which was later confirmed by Microsoft.
Alienware Area-51 2014 edition

Hands on: Alienware Area-51 (2014 edition)

intel reveals core i7 5960x haswell e cpu ee chip

Intel reveals $999 Core i7-5960X, which is the company’s first 8-core processor for consumers

Meet the Core i7-5960X, Intel's monster of a desktop CPU that sports eight cores total. And you thought your Devil's Canyon chip was a beast.
Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook front angle 2

The PC market’s outlook improves, but shipments will still fall this year

The picture is looking a little less bleak for the PC is market according to one research firm, but don't pop any champagne bottles just yet.
microsoft to address misleading apps in windows store

Microsoft says its addressing ‘misleading’ apps in Windows Store

Microsoft says that it will do more to combat iffy apps in its app store. You can learn more here.
time warner cable unites half of america in frustration

Time Warner Cable suffers huge Internet outages

Time Warner Cable suffered a huge Internet service disruption early this morning. Service has since been restored nationwide.
hard drive

Seagate unleashes world’s first 8TB hard drive

Seagate just announced that it is shipping the world's first 8TB hard disk drive. The drive is geared toward enterprise customers.
dropbox fire appointing condoleezza rice board

Dropbox announces 1TB Pro plan for $10 per month, password protection, and more

Dropbox just announced a new Pro plan that gives you 1TB of storage for $10 per month. It also added password protection and more.
digital storm releases titan z powered bolt ii battle box

Digital Storm’s newest Bolt II gaming PC is powered by an Nvidia Titan Z card

Digital Storm's newest Bolt II PC gaming system is stuffed with a super-charged Titan Z graphics card.
bittorrent adds the ability to share your stuff using links in its new version of sync bt final 2

BitTorrent adds link-based sharing and security features to Sync file sharing app

In the latest update to its Sync app, BitTorrent adds the ability to share stuff using links. You can learn more here.
china to release a desktop os rival windows in october xp

China reportedly plans to release a desktop OS rival to Windows in October

China and Microsoft just don't get along, and the creation of a Chinese-developed OS that could serve as an alternative to Windows likely won't help either.
microsoft cuts prices on surface 2 line by 100

Microsoft cuts prices on Surface 2 line by $100

Microsoft just slashed the prices on their Surface 2 devices. The tablet now costs much less than it did at launch.
how to find out what cpu your computer has devilscanyon 640x0

How to see what kind of CPU you have without opening your computer

Ever wonder what CPU is running in your PC? With this free program, you can find out without opening it up in no time.