Microsoft cuts prices on Surface 2 line by $100

microsoft cuts prices on surface 2 line by 100

While the Surface Pro 3 has already arrived, Microsoft still sells its predecessor, the Surface 2. In fact, Microsoft just made the latter line of devices a bit more attractive to consumers, cutting its price tag by $100.

Now, the 32GB Surface 2 costs $350, down from $450. The Surface 2 with 64GB of storage will now run you $450. The top of the line Surface 2, which offers 64GB of storage and LTE connectivity courtesy of AT&T, has been cut from $680 to $580.

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The Surface 2, regardless of which version you get, includes 2GB of RAM. It also wields an Nvidia Tegra 4 processor and wears a 10.6-inch, 1080p display. Users can choose from several different keyboard docks and other accessories to compliment the tablet, too.

Microsoft’s Surface devices haven’t sold well since their initial introduction, but that hasn’t stopped Redmond from trying to cut out a slice of the tablet/hybrid device market for itself. Earlier this year, the company introduced the Surface Pro 3, which includes improved specs, a larger, higher-resolution display, and much more. However, rumors indicate that Microsoft was also set to unveil a mini version of the Surface, which the company decided to pull at the last minute.

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Considering that you could get a Chromebook for around $200, or an iPad mini for $400, it’ll be interesting to see whether these new price cuts on the Surface 2 will help move the needle on its popularity levels at all.