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macbook air refresh 2016 rumors macbookairbig

Apple could release 12-inch Retina MacBook and 4K iMac or monitor late this year

A new report claims that Apple could be readying a new Retina MacBook and a 4K desktop or monitor for release this fall.
apple macos best and worst versions mac os x yosemite update desktop users deserve

OS X Yosemite public beta could arrive sometime this month (Updated)

Though Yosemite isn't due out until sometime this fall, the public could get a good look at it pretty soon in the form of a public beta.
how to sign up for the apple os x yosemite beta releases this summer

How to sign up for the Apple OS X Yosemite beta, set to launch this summer (Updated)

Apple announced a beta program at WWDC 14 that will allow you to test out OS X Yosemite months before it's released. Here's how to sign up for the beta.
businesses and cyber security firms are coming up with creative ways to fight hackers laptop hacker

New Nigerian email attacks can take control of your computer

A new round of email-based attacks originating from Nigeria employ tainted attachments that can wreak havoc on your life; if you open them.
hard drive glass substrate platter

Western Digital adds 5TB and 6TB models to its Green line of hard drives

Western Digital announced a pair of additions to its Green series of consumer-focused mechanical hard drives.
asus ftc settlement asusgate router

Asus reveals a new router designed for homes with multiple wireless devices

Asus' newest router is built for the modern household, which is packed to the gills with a multitude of wireless gear.
windows 9 images leak metro apps to run windowed win 4

New supposed leaked image of Windows 9 shows Metro app running in windowed mode

A site claims to have acquired images of Windows 9, one of which shows a Metro app running in windowed mode in the classic desktop UI.
Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook front

Google working to fix Chrome bug that saps Windows devices of their battery life

A bug in Google's Chrome browser drains more Windows battery life than it has to. Fortunately, Google is tackling the issue now.
how to change your gmail account password version 1413698423

Judge backs govt. order to seize email accounts in criminal investigation

A judge in New York backs a warrant granted to the government which allows it to seize the contents of a Gmail account. However, other U.S. courts disagree.
verizon vulnerability left millions of users at risk

Verizon to upgrade FiOS upload speeds for free

Verizon FiOS customers will allegedly see a significant boost to their Internet upload speeds.
windows 8 1 update 2 to be released august 12 features release date

Windows 8.1 Update 2 could be released August 12

A Russian site says that the next significant update to Windows could be released roughly three weeks from now.
how to revive my computer recycle bin windows icons in 8 1

How to restore My Computer, Recycle Bin, and other Windows icons to your Win 8.1 desktop

Did the Windows desktop icons you've gotten so used to seeing disappear? Here's how to revive them in Windows 8.1.
chromium os team working on new kind of user experience with athena google

Chromium OS team working on ‘new kind of user experience’ with Athena

The Chromium OS development squad is tinkering away at something called Athena. You can learn more about it here.
asus new z97 rog maximum 7 formula broadwell cpu intel mobo

Asus’ newest gaming motherboard supports Intel’s next-gen Broadwell processors

Broadwell chips are coming, and Asus' newest motherboard is built to handle Intel's next wave of CPUs.
lsu to begin punishing fining students who pirate stuff piracy bay the

Blockades shmockades: Pirate Bay traffic reportedly doubles since 2011

Despite efforts to block access to the controversial website, the Pirate Bay's traffic has surged even higher the past few years.
msi gt72 dominator pro packs at least 24gb of ram

MSI’s GT72 Dominator Pro gaming laptop has at least 24GB of RAM

MSI's latest gaming notebook ships with a ridiculous amount of memory, and that's reflected in the price tag.
microsoft to cut up 18000 jobs over the next year

Microsoft to cut ‘up to’ 18,000 jobs as part of efforts to ‘simplify organization’

Microsoft announced today that it will be cutting thousands of jobs as part of its efforts to "simplify organization" in the company.
Acer C720P Chromebook chrome acer logo

Chromebook sales have shot upward this year, research firm says

Chromebook sales are surging so far this year, according to data compiled by a market research firm.
lsu to begin punishing fining students who pirate stuff piracy bay the

American Bar Association says that suing file sharers is an exercise in futility

One of the top legal organizations in the U.S. argues that suing individual file sharers isn't an ideal strategy for combating such acts of theft.
former ford ceo alan mulally joins googles board directors

Former Ford CEO Alan Mulally joins Google’s Board of Directors

Alan Mulally, the former CEO of Ford who was once considered to be in the running for Microsoft's top job, has been snatched up by Google.
cool off with this usb fanair purifier using your pc or mac air and fan

Use your PC or Mac to cool off with this USB-powered fan and air purifier from Satechi

Is your AC on the fritz? Does your office not have any sort of cooling? In that case, you might want to check out this USB-powered fan and air purifier.
google area 21 hq

Google’s ‘Project Zero’ combats hackers, Web vulnerabilities, and more

Google is enlisting the help of security experts to help combat threats like hackers, the Heartbleed Bug, and more.
maingear offers the amd radeon r9 295x2 with their pcs but theres a hiccup rush close up

PC gaming hardware market worth over $21 billion and growing, research firm says

A market research firm says that the PC gaming hardware market is not only worth tens of billions, but is growing as well.
how to watch 2014 mlb all star game live stream online dj

How to watch a 2014 MLB All Star Game live stream online

This year's MLB All Star Game will be played tonight. Here's how you can watch a live stream for free.
new york state loses over 1 billion to data breaches in 2013 ag

NY loses over $1 billion due to 2013 data breaches, state attorney general says

Data breaches can be quite costly. New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman says that NY lost more than $1 billion in 2013 alone.
Acer Aspire Switch 10

$199 Windows 8.1 laptops to reportedly start hitting the market this fall

Microsoft reportedly said that $199 Windows 8-based laptops will be available starting sometime this fall.
dell hopes resume sales chromebook 11 coming weeks

Dell hopes to resume sales of Chromebook 11 ‘in the coming weeks’

However, the Chrome OS-powered notebook is still available for sale to education-based customers.
2014 home run derby live stream how to watch online jose bautista

How to watch a 2014 MLB Home Run Derby live stream online for free

With this guide, you won't miss a second of tonight's slugfest.
new raspberry pi model b released features price specs usb

This new slice of Raspberry Pi consumes less power, has more USB ports, and still costs $35

There's a new version of the Raspberry Pi out right now, but don't consider it a full blown sequel to the original.

Google, Facebook, other tech firms push FCC for net neutrality

These tech firms, and a bunch of others, are nudging the FCC with the hopes that they'll draft strong rules that favor an open Internet.
photo of new windows 9 start menu leaked 8 3 650x433

Photo of new Windows 9 Start menu leaked?

This purportedly leaked photo looks a lot like what Microsoft teased at Build 2014.
world cup live stream how to watch online brazil

How to watch the Germany vs. Argentina 2014 World Cup final online

Just stick with this guide, and you won't miss a second of Germany vs. Argentina World Cup action.
how to boot back into os x from windows camp mavericks mac logo

How to get back into OS X from Windows when using Boot Camp

Figuring out how to get back to OS X from Windows may be unclear, especially if you're unfamiliar with Boot Camp.
govt computer glitch sends military draft letters people 100 years old

Govt. computer glitch sends military draft letters to people over 100 years old

Some Pennsylvania residents have gotten a pretty odd letter from the government recently.