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Modbook Pro X turns a Retina MacBook Pro into a tablet paired with a stylus

modbook pro x turns retina macbook tablet paired stylus
Ever wish Apple made a convertible MacBook Pro that let you use it in tablet mode like a Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro? If you have some big bucks lying around, and you want something like what we just described that badly, a company by the name of Modbook will be happy to provide you with that service. However, like we said, it’ll cost you.

Modbook, which is currently running a Kickstarter campaign for what it calls the Modbook Pro X, takes your MacBook Pro (yes, you can send in your own to have Modbook switch it up), which they then reassemble and turn into a tablet. Once they’re done and send it back to you, your Modbook Pro X will be covered in a black enclosure, be accompanied by a stylus, and include tablet-like features like screen rotate, pen input, and more. Alternatively, you’ll eventually be able to buy a Modbook Pro X directly from the company’s site. The Modbook Pro X is geared towards creative pros like artists, animators, and more.

ModBook Pro XModbook will service late-2013 and newer 15.4-inch MacBook Pros, including Retina models. Modbook isn’t new to this scene, having released 2008 and 2012 edition Modbooks as well. Modbook says that though they specialize in tablet-ifying MacBook Pros, the Modbook Pro X doesn’t mess with the Mac OS X experience, and claims to keep it faithful for the user.

Modbook will also offer a couple of extra features with the Modbook Pro X, but you’ll have to pay extra for them. One of them is called Keybars, which are a set of buttons that Modbook adds to the back of the system, placed where your digits would likely be if you’re holding the Modbook Pro X the same way you would when using any other tablet. Keybars act as a way for you to quickly enter keyboard commands and shortcuts. Thankfully, the Keybars are fully programmable, so if you do decide to get a Modbook Pro X with Keybars, you won’t necessarily have to learn how Modbook maps those buttons out by default in order to take advantage. The second big accessory you could get with a Modbook Pro X is a detachable stand that adds a full QWERTY keyboard to the tablet.

As we mentioned, getting a Modbook Pro X is by no means a cheap ordeal. You’ll have to shell out $1,999 to get a MacBook Pro modded. To get one with Keybars, it’ll cost you $2,299. Spending $2,689 gets you both the Keybars on the back, and the keyboard stand as well. Modbook won’t start deliveries until March of 2015 at the earliest, so it’ll be a while until you start seeing Modbook Pro X rigs on the street.

You can learn more about Modbook here.

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