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Philips fires back at Acer with a $600 28-inch 4K monitor of its own

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Have you ever seen those scenes in old movies or cartoons where a character takes off his glove, slaps someone with it, and says “I challenge you to a duel?” Acer effectively did that to competitors who make cheap 4K displays yesterday by announcing a 4K 28-inch monitor priced at $599.99.

However, Phillips isn’t taking that lying down, slapping back with its own 28-inch 4K display priced at the same exact rate.

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Calling it the Philips 28-Inch 4K Ultra HD Display, Philips’ latest monitor sports a 3840×2160 resolution. Also notable is the company’s claim that it can run at a refresh rate of 60Hz at full 4K resolution as well. If that’s true, it’s certainly impressive. Some competing models claim to run at 60Hz, but only do so if you lower the settings down to 1080p, which defeats the purpose of getting a 4K monitor in the first place.

Surrounded by a black bezel and a oval-esque base of the same color, the Philips 28-Inch 4K Ultra HD Display is propped up by a silver neck that allows for height, swivel, tilt, and rotation adjustments, just like Acer’s newest display.

Connectivity options include VGA, MHL, DVI, HDMI, and DisplayPort, along with a pair of USB 2.0 ports, and two USB 3.0 ports. A pair of three-watt speakers are built-in as well, but you’ll probably want to hook up external speakers or a good pair of headphones anyway.

For what it’s worth, the Acer B286HK’s speakers put out two less watts of power total. It also doesn’t have VGA, but otherwise matches Philips’ monitor port-for-port. However, Acer’s USB hub doesn’t have any USB 2.0 ports. On the other hand, Acer’s DisplayPort connection is of the Mini variety. The Philips 28-Inch 4K Ultra HD Display has the full-sized version.

You can get the Philips 28-Inch 4K Ultra HD Display right now at Amazon for $599.99.

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