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Get this Samsung 32-inch 4K monitor while it’s $500 off right now

Samsung's new Odyssey G7 comes with a flat screen.

The power of your gaming PC will be wasted on a basic display, so if you haven’t upgraded yet, you should check out this $500 discount for the 32-inch Samsung Odyssey Neo G7 4K curved gaming monitor in the Samsung Spring Sale. From an expensive original price of $1,300, it’s down to a more reasonable $800, but probably not for long. There’s still a few days left in the sale, but it’s not recommended to wait until the last minute because there’s no telling when stocks of the gaming monitor will run out.

Why you should buy the 32-inch Samsung Odyssey Neo G7 4K curved gaming monitor

Samsung, a fixture in our roundup of the best gaming monitors, hits another home run with the 32-inch Samsung Odyssey Neo G7 4K curved gaming monitor. With 4K Ultra HD resolution and Quantum Mini-LED technology that’s found in some of the best TVs, the gaming monitor delivers amazing picture quality with sharp details and vivid colors, which will let you appreciate the graphics of today’s best PC games. For smooth and uninterrupted gameplay, the screen also offers a 165Hz refresh rate, a 1ms response time, and support for AMD’s FreeSync Premium Pro.

The 1000R curvature of the 32-inch Samsung Odyssey Neo G7 4K curved gaming monitor fills your peripheral vision to pull you into deeper immersion, which our computer monitor buying guide says largely benefits single-player games as you’ll be sitting at the center of the screen. The gaming monitor also features Samsung’s CoreSync technology, which matches its core lighting system with the colors of your on-screen game.

There are lots of monitor deals in the Samsung Spring Sale, but here’s one of our favorites — the 32-inch Samsung Odyssey Neo G7 4K curved gaming monitor at $500 off, which slashes its price to $800 from $1,300. You’ll be getting amazing value from this display, but only if you hurry. It’s not a good idea to wait until the sale’s last minute because the offer may no longer be online by then, so if you want to make sure that you get the 32-inch Samsung Odyssey Neo G7 4K curved gaming monitor for cheaper than usual, you need to process your purchase right now.

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