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This 28-inch 4K Acer monitor only costs a handful of Benjamins

acer reveals b286hk 28 inch 4k monitor specs price release date
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Not too long ago, 4K PC monitors cost thousands of dollars. This year, those prices have dropped sharply, with multiple manufacturers putting out 4K displays priced at the $700 range. It looks like Acer is out to undercut the competition, as the company just revealed a new 28-inch 4K display that costs just $599.99.

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Dubbed the B286HK, Acer’s latest 4K monitor sports a 28-inch screen, as mentioned, along with a super-high 3840×2160 resolution to boot. On top of that, its stand is quite talented, offering multiple types of adjustments including swivel, tilt, height, and pivot. That’s surprising, considering the B286HK’s relatively low price tag.

Port selection is robust, and includes HDMI, MHL, DVI, DisplayPort, and mini DisplayPort. There’s also a USB 3.0 hub in the B286HK as well, in case your PC is low on vacant ports and you want to plug in more stuff. The B286HK also includes a pair of built-in speakers, but power output is rated at two watts, so you shouldn’t expect them to be anything special. The B286HK is also VESA-mountable. Surrounded by a grey, matte bezel all the way around, the B286HK’s controls are centered around five physical buttons perched on the bottom right hand corner of its front side, which is typical for most monitors. Both the monitor’s neck, and the base that it sits on are rectangular, and look sturdy. However, we won’t know for sure until Acer ships us our review unit.

The Acer B286HK is available right now for $599.99, though we couldn’t find it on Amazon, Newegg, or TigerDirect. Perhaps it will be available on these sites later today. We’ll check with Acer, and update accordingly.

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