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a hard drive is now playing role in an irs political scandal shutterstock 120349279

A hard drive is now playing a role in a U.S. political scandal

U.S. political scandals are usually not centered around computer components. However, this one now features a hard drive as one of its prominent figures.
with this free app for windows 8 1 you can get your fix shows from the ae network right pc

Watch A&E TV shows for free with this Windows 8.1 app

With this free app for Windows 8.1, you can get your fix for shows from the A&E network right from your PC.
watch lifetime tv shows and movies for free with this windows 8 1 app win

Watch Lifetime TV shows and movies for free with this free app for Windows 8.1

You can watch Lifetime TV programming on the house with an official Windows 8.1 app.
kudos apple making cheaper imac done much better

Kudos to Apple for making a cheaper iMac, but they could have done it much better

Apple should have taken a different approach with the company's new $1,099 iMac, which would have been a big win for both the company and consumers.
nvidias newest graphics card the geforce gt 730 is super affordable nvidia

Nvidia’s newest graphics card, the GeForce GT 730, is super affordable

Nvidia just released a new sub-$100 graphics card, but should you consider it for your PC, even if you're running integrated graphics?
new 1099 21 5 inch imac teardown reveals users cant upgrade ram

New $1,099 21.5-inch iMac teardown reveals that users can’t upgrade RAM

One Mac hardware servicer tore down the new iMac, and found that it is not DIY-friendly at all.
MacBook Air 2013 review back

E-retailer slashes 2014 11.6-Inch MacBook Air price by $199 to $700

After Best Buy cut the price on MacBook Air laptops and other Apple gear, a retailer on eBay is doing the same for one MacBook Air in particular.
apple reveals new imac for 1099 200 cheaper core i5 21 5 inch 27 2013

Apple introduces a new 21.5-Inch iMac that’s $200 cheaper

The financial barrier to entry on the iMac front just got a little more affordable.
google doodle pays tribute to world cup and paul the octopus that predicted match outcomes

Google Doodle pays tribute to Paul, the octopus that predicted World Cup outcomes

Google is paying tribute to the World Cup the same way it usually does; with a Doodle. There's an extra twist though.
how to find out what graphics card i have pc windows titan z

Nvidia releases GeForce 340.43 driver beta, adds extra SLI, 3D compatibility mode profiles

Nvidia just outed a fresh set of graphics card drivers, though they're in beta form at the moment.
parallels access now lets you your pc or mac using an iphone android device

Parallels Access now lets you access your PC or Mac using an iPhone or an Android device

Parallels Access can now be used in conjunction with Android devices, as well as the iPhone.
keep track world cup scores news goal sidebar app firefox shutterstock 172943102

Keep track of World Cup scores and news with Goal, a sidebar app for Firefox

Can't watch the World Cup during the day? Keep track of the news and action with this sidebar utility for Mozilla Firefox.
console os promises to deliver a better android experience on your pc

Console OS promises to deliver a better Android experience on your PC

Console OS aims to let you use Android on your PC, but claims to take a different approach compared to past attempts to do the same.
lsu to begin punishing fining students who pirate stuff piracy bay the

London police commissioner says that enforcing anti-piracy isn’t working

London's police commissioner says that new approaches should be taken in order to combat Internet piracy.
game finally pirate bay site knocked offline following police raid ss

The makers of the Vuze torrent client speak out against illegal downloads

Vuze, the maker of a popular torrent client, recently spoke out against illegal downloading.
new windows start menu wont be released until 2015 maybe 9

Windows leaker Alex Kibkalo will reportedly be deported to Russia

Alex Kibkalo is getting deported after getting caught leaking Microsoft assets.
microsoft says it wont look in your emails chats videos voicemails shutterstock 175315118

Microsoft says it won’t look into your emails, chats, videos, or voicemails for ad targeting

A new Microsoft policy claims that the company won't scan user emails, chats, videos, or voice mail to tailor adds to them.
intel loses appeal of european antitrust fine 1 44 billion shutterstock 138869051

Intel strikes out in $1.44 billion appeal of EU anti-trust fine, but can still appeal

Intel unsuccessfully appealed a huge fine handed down by the European Union. However, the CPU giant can appeal once again.
samsung teams top notch chefs celebrate launch new home gear img 0804

Samsung teams up with Daniel Boulud to launch new smart appliances

Samsung made a splash at an NYC event, where, with the help of some culinary masterminds, it officially launched their new Chef Collection home appliances.
3dmark sky diver aimed at mid range notebook pcs is out now

Sky Diver, Futuremark’s newest mid-range PC benchmark, is out now

Sky Diver, the newest benchmark from Futuremark, fits best when tested on mid-range PCs and notebooks.
intel pushes wireless charging agrees partner witricity shutterstock 180216656

Intel pushes for wireless charging, agrees to partner with WiTricity

Intel has reached an agreement with WiTricity which could pave the way for Intel chips with wireless charging tech built in down the line.
cyberpower releases fang battle box portable gaming pc starts at 619

Cyberpower’s Fang Battlebox lets you fold it up and carry it around like a briefcase

Ever wish that you could carry around a beastly desktop gaming PC like a briefcase? Well, now you can.
roccats newest keyboard geared towards couch loving pc gamers roccat sova

Roccat’s newest keyboard is designed with couch lovers in mind

Roccat's Sova keyboard aims to meld your PC gaming experience with the comfort and convenience offered by your living room couch.
lizard squad and ex sony employees likely involved in hack hacker shutterstock

Cyber crime costs the world more money than some natural disasters do

Think natural disasters cost people a lot of money? Consider this: A new study says cyber criminals cost the world hundreds of billions every single year.
amtrak looking upgrading board internet service wifi 6068358960 01906f0d00 b

Amtrak is looking into upgrading on-board Internet service

Amtrak is exploring ways to better the Internet service offered on its trains.
lsu to begin punishing fining students who pirate stuff piracy bay the

Anti-piracy group aims to get Pirate Bay access blocked in its own backyard

The Pirate Bay is about to start getting shelled by Rights Alliance, an anti-piracy group.
rupert murdoch step down ceo 21st century fox shutterstock

News Corp wants Google to take stronger action against piracy

News Corporation is the latest company to put pressure on Google to take more drastic measures against piracy.
xi3 announces partnership with intel to make tiny computers piston

Xi3 partners up with Intel to make teeny tiny PCs

It appears that Xi3 will be making a series of miniature computers stuffed with Intel tech.
how to turn off disable autocorrect in mac os x yosemite update desktop users deserve 3

5 real-life problems OS X Yosemite solves, and Windows 8.1 screws up

Mac OS X Yosemite solves real world problems, and that's coming from a life-long Windows user.
google pays tribute to d day with photos images of official documents 4681792570 fcea509c06 b

Google pays tribute to D-Day with photos of the invasion, images of official documents

Google's homepage is paying homage to D-Day by giving you a look at images of the Normandy invasion, as well as a look at some crucial documents.
check googles chromebox chromebook end life fact sheet

Chromebooks now let you watch Google Play Movies & TV content offline

When it comes to Chromebooks, their offline funtionality is getting better all the time, and they just got another significant upgrade from Google.
twitter accounts live tweeting d day occurred 70 years ago today normandy dday

D-Day: These Twitter accounts are live tweeting the events of June 6, 1944 today

Learn about the sacrifices made during D-Day, which occurred 70 years ago today, by checking out these awesome Twitter accounts.
lacie reveals new rugged drive with built in thunderbolt cable 1

LaCie claims its new Rugged drive with Thunderbolt can sustain drops up to four feet

That's no kid's toy! LaCie's Rugged drive now sports an integrated Thunderbolt cable.
maingear torq packs core i7 titan z liquid cooling into tiny pc 8

Maingear’s Torq packs liquid cooling, Core i7, and a Titan Z into a tiny PC

This pint-sized gaming powerhouse can cost you thousands, but will tear through any title you throw at it, depending on how it's configured.