Intel pushes for wireless charging, agrees to partner with WiTricity

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Though wireless charging tech is in its relative infancy, CPU giant Intel is apparently looking to make it a central feature of its products in the future, after the company came to an agreement with WiTricity. WiTricity makes wireless charging tech, though its not without competition in this area.

Other companies that also do so include Duracell, the big name battery-making firm. Products built with Qi-compatible wireless tech are another foe for WiTricity, though its new partnership with Intel should give it a substantial boost in the market.

“We have overwhelming feedback from end users that they are frustrated with dealing with all the different wires and power adapters for their devices – phones, tablets and PCs,” Intel exec Sanjay Vora said. “At Intel, we have a vision to eliminate all wires from all of our platforms. This agreement is a major step in the right direction.”

What makes the wireless technology that WiTricity builds unique is the fact that it employs the Alliance for Wireless Power’s “Rezence” spec. Rezence allows for multiple devices to charge wirelessly at the same time, which is especially important considering that nearly every household has multiple consumer tech products in it, when you consider how prevalent laptops, tablets, and smartphones are.

There’s no word on when Intel CPUs with WiTricity tech built in will start hitting the market.

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