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Google pays tribute to D-Day with photos of the invasion, images of official documents

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There’s certainly more than way one to pay tribute to D-Day, which occurred 70 years ago today on June 6, 1944. Google is doing it the way it usually does; by tipping its hat via the search giant’s home page, as it has done so in the past with holidays, and other significant events.

This time around, instead of an image that links to a page, or an animation, Google placed a simple link underneath its search bar. Clicking on the link will take you to a page entitled “Normandy landings,” which contains photos of the invasion, copies of official government documents pertaining to the planning of D-Day, as well as the post-invasion aftermath, and more.

This is the latest installment in Google’s ongoing “Cultural Institute” project, which in the past has partnered with multiple museums, archives, and other institutions to give the public a look at some of the treasures that such sites have to offer. The “Normandy landings” page was made possible via a partnership between Google, and the Caen-Normandie Memorial museum in France.

Some of our favorite documents in this collection include a copy of President Roosevelt’s D-Day prayer, top secret documents, a photo of Josef Stalin, FDR, and Winston Churchill at the Tehran Conference, and more. 

Interested? Head over to Google’s homepage to check out this amazing collection of D-Day documents and photos for yourself.

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