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Roccat’s newest keyboard is designed with couch lovers in mind

roccats newest keyboard geared towards couch loving pc gamers roccat sova

If there’s one thing that PC gamers envy when it comes to their console-based counterparts, it’s likely the fact that gaming on a PlayStation or an Xbox comes with the added benefit of sitting on a nice, comfy couch, instead of a chair parked next to a desk.

Though the notion of a living room-centric keyboard isn’t at all new, the idea hasn’t quite been perfected yet either. Roccat is taking a stab at a couch-optimized keyboard with the Sova, which is the company’s newest PC peripheral.

Constructed using a brushed aluminum base, the Roccat Sova employs Cherry MX switches, and strips the keyboard down to its bare minimum: no numpad, and no extra buttons either. Just a basic keyboard with the usual function keys. The Sova’s keyboard has a total of 74 keys in all.

Roccat Sova 2

To the right of the keyboard is a retractable mouse pad with a cable routing feature mounted above it, which aims to help you corral your mouse’s tail, in the event that you’re not using a wireless rodent. Whether you are of not matters little to the Sova, because it sports “multiple” USB ports, which allow you to plug your mouse or wireless receiver into the keyboard’s base.

The Sova wears a built-in battery that, according to Roccat, can last up to 12 hours. Padded leg rests and an ergonomically designed wrist rest combine to offer comfort while you game.

Pricing and availability for the Roccat Sova are unavailable, though we’ve been told that it will go into production “very soon.”

You can check out the Roccat Sova’s official website here.

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