Microsoft says its addressing ‘misleading’ apps in Windows Store

microsoft to address misleading apps in windows store

Microsoft says that it has streamlined the Windows Store app certification requirements in order to ensure that apps in the store have titles that are accurate, and don’t misrepresent what they’re do, or what they’re for. Microsoft made in the announcement in this official blog post.

Microsoft also says that, as part of these tweaked requirements, apps will need to be more accurately categorized to reflect what the app does. On top of that, Redmond states that app icons need to be more accurate as well, and can’t pull the rug out from its users by using an icon which implies a different purpose or use for them.

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These changes apply to both newly submitted apps from here on our, as well as existing app updates. Microsoft describes this as a first step towards a better Windows Store experience for its users. To this point, Microsoft says that it has removed over 1,500 apps due to such violations, reimbursing people for the cost of those app downloads in the event that they weren’t free.

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It will be interesting to see what Microsoft decides to do next to combat misleading apps. In the meantime, if you know of or come across an app that can be categorized as misleading in accordance with Microsoft’s standards, you can let them know by sending an email to