Notifications center reportedly coming to Windows 9

notifications center reportedly coming windows 9
One of the most notable features that Windows 9 will bring about is the debut of a new notifications center, according to a Neowin report.

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Unfortunately, there aren’t any screenshots or other visual clues as to what the notifications center will look like in Windows 9. The report states that it will be embedded in the System Tray, and will live life as a small window based in the lower right hand corner of the desktop. It’s unclear whether you’ll be able to move the notifications center around in Windows 9 at all, or whether it’s permanently fixed in that position. At this point, the size of the notifications center can’t be changed one way or another, but that might not be the case once Windows 9 is officially revealed by Microsoft.

Notifications will be sorted on an app-by-app basis. Users will be able to dismiss notifications individually as well. Want to keep one update while getting rid of the rest? No problemo. The Windows 9 notifications center will be able to do that. Also, if you want to clear off the plate completely in one fell swoop, there will be a scorched earth-like button that will sanitize the notifications center and totally clear it out.

If you have a long collection of notifications, you’ll be able to scroll up and down to comb through them all. Currently, the center has a white background, and it’s not known whether this can be changed.

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The notifications center is described as “quite basic,” and that’s the impression we get as well. However, we expect more features to be added by the time it’s shown off to the public.

Windows 9 could be revealed as soon as late this month, though Microsoft has yet to unveil any official plans for a Windows 9 event yet.