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Dropbox announces 1TB Pro plan for $10 per month, password protection, and more

dropbox announces 1tb pro plan 10 per month password protection
Dropbox, the company behind the popular cloud storage service, just revealed a few significant changes to the company’s Pro offering. Dropbox made the announcements in this official blog post.

Now, a Dropbox Pro account only comes with one plan for you to choose from, which grants you 1TB of cloud storage for $10 per month. That’s both a huge increase in storage, as well as a significant decrease in price per GB. Prior to this update, there were three Dropbox Pro plans for you to choose from. One offered 500GB of storage for $50 per month, and the others doled out 200GB and 100GB of space for $20 and $10 per month, respectively. Those are all gone now. Taking their place is the single 1TB plan for $10 monthly.

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There’s more though. Dropbox Pro offers users some new security features to help ensure that the files and folders you share are only seen by those you intend to share them with.

For instance, now you can attach passwords to links you share, so only people who know that magic phrase will be able to access whatever is behind those links. Also, you can now set expiration dates for links as well. Once the date passes, that link will go dead.

You can also decide whether whoever you’re sharing with can only read whatever you share with them, or whether they’re also able to edit the stuff that’s in the folders you share. For what it’s worth, BitTorrent also added similar features to its Sync file sharing service yesterday.

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On top of that, Dropbox Pro account holders will be able to access remotely the Dropbox folder from any devices that they’ve paired their account with. Once you divorce those devices from your Dropbox Pro account, they’ll stop syncing, and the wipe will commence as long as the devices are connected to the Internet. If they aren’t synced when you decide to wipe, the wipe will start if and when the devices regain connectivity.

These changes to Dropbox Pro will take effect starting today. If you’re already a Dropbox Pro user, your account will be updated and switched over to the new 1TB $10/month plan. You won’t need to do anything to make those changes happen.

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