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macbook air refresh 2016 rumors macbookairbig

Rumored 12-inch MacBook Air with Retina could come with USB Type-C, multiple colors

A new rumor indicates that the unannounced 12-inch MacBook Air with Retina could ship with the upcoming, thinner version of USB 3.0. Learn more here.
Digital Storm Vanquish 2

Nvidia GeForce GTX 980, 970 now available with Digital Storm PCs

You can now get Nvidia's newest graphics cards with Digital Storm PCs. Learn more here.
microsofts wireless display adapter lets stream stuff pc tv pre order now microsoft

Microsoft’s Wireless Display Adapter lets you stream stuff from your PC via Miracast

Microsoft's new Wireless Display Adapter claims to make streaming stuff from your PC to your TV or other display devices a cinch. Learn more here.
origin now offers gtx 980 970 genesis millenium chronos gaming desktops

Origin now offers GTX 980, 970 with Genesis, Millennium, Chronos gaming desktops

Now that Nvidia has launched the GTX 980 and 970, Origin has already added both cards as configurable options with three of its PCs. Learn more here.
nvidia driver brings dynamic super resolution to older gpus maingear shift gtx 980

Maingear adds Nvidia GeForce GTX 980, 970 to its PC lineup

You can now get a Maingear PC with Nvidia's latest graphics cards. Learn more about the cards, and the PCs you can get them with, here.
embargo nvidia launches geforce gtx 980 970 graphics cards 549 329

Nvidia’s range-topping GeForce GTX 980 and 970 crank up the clock speeds, turn down the heat

Nvidia just revealed its brand new high-end graphics cards to the world. Learn more about the GeForce GTX 980 and the GeForce GTX 970 here.
epson mopria certification mobile printing printer

A bunch of Epson printers are now better suited for mobile printing

Epson just announced that a bunch of its printers are better suited for printing stuff from mobile devices. Learn more here.
bittorrent releases privacy centric bleep alpha app public bleepscreen 970x0

BitTorrent releases privacy-centric Bleep alpha app to the public

BitTorrent just made Bleep, its privacy-oriented messaging app, available to the public for download. It's still in the alpha stage of development though.
macbook air refresh 2016 rumors macbookairbig

Don’t expect Apple to launch new MacBooks, iMacs this year, report says

A new report claims that revamped versions of Apple's iMac and MacBook Air may not launch until sometime in 2015.
logitechs new g910 orion spark keyboard sports key switches individual lighting photo orionspark top onwhite highres

Crayola’s jealous: Logitech’s G910 lets you choose the color on every key

Logitech's newest gaming keyboard claims to be much more responsive than the competition, and has individually customizable keyboard back-lights.
windows 9 start menu leaks out youtube video leak  5

Microsoft wants to ‘fundamentally change the way Windows is shipping’

A Microsoft job opening indicates that the company is looking to make big changes in the way that it delivers updates and fixes to Windows.
aoc says new display tech lot less damaging eyes monitor

AOC says its new display tech is a lot less damaging to your eyes

AOC claims that its new display tech is much less harmful for your eyes than what the competition offers. Learn more here.
nvidia geforce gtx 980 specs allegedly leak days reveal 780ti 3qtr

Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 specs allegedly leak days before reveal

It looks like the stat sheet for Nvidia's next high-end graphics card is already out there. Learn more here.
microsoft ditches wireless usb bluetooth new arc touch mouse

Microsoft ditches wireless USB for Bluetooth in its new Arc Touch mouse

Microsoft adds Bluetooth connectivity to its eye-grabbing Arc Touch mouse. Learn more here.
vivaxs super tough laptop case now available pre order vivax

Vivax’s super-tough laptop case is now available for pre-order

You can now pre-order the super durable Vivax Laptop Case for close to $190. Learn more here.
microsoft holding event september 30 windows 9 revealed leak  21

Microsoft is holding an event on September 30, could Windows 9 be revealed?

Microsoft is holding an event on September 30, the company announced. Could this be where it officially lifts the veil on Windows 9? Learn more here.
DisplayPort Cable

DisplayPort 1.3 standard announced, supports 5K displays

4K monitors? That's so 2013. DisplayPort 1.3, which supports displays with resolutions up to 5K, has just been announced. Learn more here.
windows 9 video of multiple desktop feature in use leaks leak

Windows 9 video of multiple desktop features in use leaks out

This clip gives us a glimpse at Windows 9's multiple desktop feature in action. Learn more here.
microsoft holding event september 30 windows 9 revealed leak  21

Newly leaked Windows 9 screenshots make multiple references to Cortana

These newly released images imply that Cortana is indeed coming to Windows 9. Learn more here.
HP 11 inch Chromebook1

Google adds Chromecast video streaming to dev version of Chrome OS

Google is working on adding the ability to stream movies stored in Google Drive from your Chrome OS computer to Chromecast.
Intel Core M Broadwell Y badge

Which laptops are getting Intel Core M processors?

Intel has revealed their new Core M chips, which will be appearing in laptops that launch this fall and winter. So, which ones will have them?
how to turn off the upper left app switcher in windows 8 1

How to tame the app switcher in Windows 8.1

The app switcher can be a nuisance to run into, especially if you do it accidentally from the upper left corner of the screen. Here's how to turn it off.
microsoft working proactively with china to resolve windows 8 ban 1

How to boot straight to the desktop in Windows 8.1

In Windows 8.1, you can set the OS so that your desktop appears first when booting up, allowing you to bypass the Start screen. Here's how.
windows 9 start menu leaks out youtube 970

Windows 9 Start menu video leaks: Five things we learned

A leaked video of the new Start menu being used in Windows 9 has appeared on YouTube. Learn more here.
Toshiba Chromebook 2

Android apps like Vine, Evernote, others arrive on Chromebooks, Google says

Google just announced that it is bringing over popular Android apps, including Vine and Evernote, over to Chrome OS. Learn more here.
how to turn off the charms menu in windows 8 1

How to turn off the Charms menu in Windows 8.1

Many people feel that the Charms menu is a pain to use. Thankfully, you can shut it off in Windows 8.1. Here's how.
onedrive will work windows 10 version 1422244858 microsoft

OneDrive now lets you upload files as large as 10GB, adds link sharing, more

You can now upload files as big as 10GB to OneDrive, Microsoft announced. Learn more here.
new windows 9 screenshots leak on german tech blog  13

New Windows 9 screenshots leak, show notifications center, more

A bunch of new screenshots of Windows 9 have just leaked out, and they show off some interesting features that will probably be in Redmond's upcoming OS.
three generations intel hd graphics tested version 1438873582 core m broadwell yl package diagonal

First Intel Core M benchmark scores released

These scores earned by the Core M start to paint a picture of what we can expect from the chip once it ships in PCs this fall. Learn more here.
microsoft browser loss internet explorer

New Internet Explorer updates plug security holes in Adobe Flash Player, more

Redmond just released a new batch of security patches for Internet Explorer. Learn more here.
five million gmail addresses passwords get leaked android phone

Five million Gmail addresses, passwords leak out

The data was posted on a Bitcoin security forum, but a significant amount of them are out of date. Learn more here.
lacie reveals upgradeable d2 thunderbolt 2 drive final

LaCie’s new d2 Thunderbolt 2 external drive is SSD-upgradeable, but expensive

LaCie's new external hard drive is big, expensive, and upgradeable. Learn more here.
10 funny reactions to apples watch announcement apple internet

We love you, Internet! These are the 10 funniest jokes about Apple’s Watch

The Oatmeal, The Onion, and others made us laugh when we saw their reactions to Apple's Watch announcement. We think you will too. Learn more here.
new intel hd graphics iris pro drivers benchmarked core i7

Intel Skylake-based chips to launch sometime in 2015

Broadwell-based computers aren't even on the market yet, but that didn't stop Intel from talking about its Skylake tech today at IDF.