Vivax’s super-tough laptop case is now available for pre-order

vivaxs super tough laptop case now available pre order vivax

If you need a really durable laptop case, you might want to check out the Vivax Laptop Case, which the company just put up for pre-order.

Vivax claims that its Laptop Case is “nearly indestructible,” and can sustain shocks, extreme pressure, water, sand, acid, and extreme temperatures as well with ease.

The Vivax Laptop Case uses a material called Nex, which, the company says, is something that has only been used in aeronautical engineering applications to this point. The case’s gasket is made of stuff that comes from the Formula 1 racing field, and claims that it helps to make the case airtight, though it doesn’t tell us what the material is exactly.

Rounding out Vivax’s three-pronged approach from a materials standpoint is something called Poron XRD, which allegedly absorbs 90 percent of the kinetic energy that’s created by any sort of impact.

“The material is soft but in case of impact the molecules instantly freeze, forming a sort of shield, a shell which protects the object fully,” Vivax founder Mattia Ventura says about Poron XRD.

Around the time when Vivax put the project up on Kickstarter, it published a video to demonstrate the case’s super-durable attributes.

This clip features a shot of the case with a laptop inside as it’s getting run over by a car. Once the test is completed, the case is reopened to show the viewer that the case and the laptop survived. However, the shot is taken from an angle, and the tester doesn’t try to turn the laptop on. So, it’s not exactly clear whether the notebook PC truly lived through the experience.

Can the Vivax Laptop Case, and any laptop it holds, survival regular rounds of dinks and dents? Probably. Will it hold up in extreme conditions like Vivax claims? We can’t know for sure until we get one in our hands.

The Vivax Laptop Case costs $186.33, or 144 euros. Vivax has only made 500 of these cases available for its first round of unit production, and it includes straps that allow you to turn the case into a pseudo-backpack.

You can watch the Vivax demo video below, courtesy of YouTube.