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hey kids shut racket turn im notification sounds google hangouts new

Google cuts Hangouts from your browser and pastes it to your desktop in the latest update

With the newest update to Google Hangouts, you can keep track of and participate in conversations no matter what you're doing on your computer.
Lenovo Flex 14 lenovo logo

The ‘dead’ PC market is enjoying impressive growth lately, research firm says

According to a prominent market research firm, multiple PC makers experienced substantial growth in the third quarter of this year. Learn more here.
much pc dead research firm says sales will jump five percent 2015 asus m70ad us003s review desktop front angle macro 2 1500x1

So much for the PC being dead: This research firm says sales will jump five percent in 2015

So much for the PC being dead. Strategy Analytics claims that sales of PCs will rise five percent worldwide next year.
windows 10 testers to be able update rtm hassle free notifications center

Another hidden Windows 10 feature uncovered: How to enable the Notifications Center

The Notifications Center didn't make its grand debut in Windows 10, but one intrepid soul figured out how to turn it on. Here's how you can do it too.
jeopardy champion ace chef ibm shows us whats next watson supercomputer

From Jeopardy champ, to ace chef: Here’s what’s next for IBM’s Watson supercomputer

IBM's Watson supercomputer is already a star, but its story is just beginning. IBM is partnering with firms to help more industries tap into its power.
Origin EON 17S

Origin PC outfits its gaming laptop lineup with Nvidia’s beefy new mobile GPUs

Origin's gaming laptops can now be stuffed with Nvidia's new notebook GPUs. Learn more here.
maingear adds nvidia gtx 980m to nomad 17 gaming laptop

Nomad 17: the first Maingear notebook to get Nvidia’s new super-powerful GPU

Maingear has outfitted one of its most powerful gaming laptops with the newest and best mobile GPU you can get today. Learn more here.
security firm releases proof concept code badusb malware public

Security researchers publish code that can be used to exploit BadUSB flaw

The researchers hope that, by releasing the code, companies that make USB devices will do what they can to improve security on them faster.
amd cuts prices radeon 290x 290 based graphics cards 150 100  s r9

AMD cuts prices on Radeon 290X, 290-based graphics cards by $150, $100 (Updated)

AMD just slashed the prices on two of its most powerful single-GPU consumer graphics cards. Learn more here.
hacker installs windows 95 and doom on a samsung gear live smartwatch win

Hacker installs Windows 95 and Doom on a Samsung Gear Live smartwatch

Feel free to file this somewhere between "Cool!" and "What the?" An intrepid hacker managed to put Win 95 and Doom on an Android wearable.
windows 10 technical preview is live how to download and install microsofts new os feature

Windows 10 Poll: Is the new Start menu enough of a reason for you to upgrade?

The big new feature in Windows 10 is the return of the Start menu. Is that enough of a reason for you to upgrade, or does Windows 10 need to offer more?
people using chrome desktops lately less everything else internet explorer

More people are using Chrome on desktops lately, and less of everything else

Google's Chrome desktop browser got more popular last month, while its main competitors saw less usage. Learn more here.
microsoft will ask you for feedback while using windows 10 start menu

Microsoft will ask you for feedback while using the Windows 10 Technical Preview

Microsoft may ask you what you think of Windows 10 while you're using it. Learn more here.
windows 7 still dominates the desktop os market with a 60 percent majority hp laptop

Windows 7 use surges, while Windows 8 and 8.1 popularity falls

Windows 7 is as popular as it has ever been. Windows 8 and 8.1? Not so much. Learn more here.
windows 10 start menu tips tricks more

Make the Windows 10 Start menu more personal with these tips and tricks

The Start menu is back, and we have some tips that will help you customize it to your liking. Learn more here.
switch back start screen windows 10

How to switch back to the Windows 8 Start screen in Windows 10

While Windows 10 puts a big emphasis on the return of the Start menu, you can switch back to the Windows 8 Start screen if you wish. Here's how.
cortana in windows 10 will support six new countries including japan australia and canada v2

Cortana is coming to Windows 10, and we found the system files to prove it

It looks like a certain virtual voice assistant will eventually make its way to Windows 10. Learn more here.
Windows 10

Reader poll: Will you upgrade to Windows 10?

Now that Microsoft has lifted the veil on Windows 10, do you think you'll be making the move once it's released? Learn more here.
windows 10 technical preview is live how to download and install microsofts new os feature

How to download and install the Windows 10 Technical Preview

The Windows 10 Technical Preview is now available for download. Here's how to get it.
Windows 10

5 features that we hope Microsoft adds to Windows 10

Microsoft just showed off Windows 10 to the world. While new features that were demoed will likely win with consumers, it needs more to spark a mass exodus.
Windows 10: Start menu

Forget 9! Microsoft just revealed Windows 10, and it’s a blend of old and new

Microsoft just officially announced and showed off Windows 10 to the world for the first time. Learn more about Microsoft's new OS here.
hps 11 6 13 3 inch stream laptop starts 200 trudges chromebooks turf

HP’s new Stream laptops start at $200, trudge on Chromebook’s turf

Say hello to HP's new Stream notebooks, which start at $200, and promise to wage war on similarly-priced Chromebooks. Learn more here.
windows 9s notifications center better repeat vistas user account control pop ups 9 notification 640x0

Windows 9’s Notifications Center better not be a repeat of Vista’s constant pop-ups

Windows 9 may include a Notifications Center. If so, it hopefully won't be a repeat of a mistake that Microsoft has made before.
microsoft puts takes windows 9 tech preview download site start menu video leak  6

Microsoft puts up, then takes down Windows 9 sites

Microsoft apparently published multiple pages pertaining to the tech preview version of Windows 9. Learn more here.
microsoft exec reportedly says windows 9 will free 8 users leak  21

Microsoft exec: Windows 9 will be free for Windows 8 users

A Microsoft exec recently stated that Windows 9 will be free for Windows 8 users. That's not all, though. Learn more here.
reader poll will upgrade windows 9 stay xp788 1 970

Reader Poll: Will you upgrade to Windows 9, or stay with Windows XP/7/8/8.1?

Microsoft is probably just days away from revealing Windows 9. Based on what current rumors tell us about the OS, will you be upgrading?
macbook air refresh 2016 rumors macbookairbig

PC sales spike during back to school season, led by Macs and Chromebooks

Computer sales during the back to school season rose this year, led by Chromebooks and Macs. Learn more here.
hacking team adobe flash windows security exploit cyber

Shellshock bug in Bash affects Linux and Mac OS X, but the first fixes are already out (Updated)

A new bug that affects Linux and Mac OS X-based servers and systems has been uncovered. Learn more about the Shellshock/Bash bug here.
1291866 autosave v1 2 laptop hacker

How to check if you’re affected by the Shellshock Bash bug for Linux, OS X

Here's a simple way to check if your Web site is affected by the Bash bug. Learn more here.
ASUS M70AD US003S review desktop front angle

Consumers are more satisfied with desktop PCs than laptops, tablets, study says

According to one study, consumers are happier with desktop PCs than they are with laptops and tablets. Learn more here.
alienware still hasnt added nvidias geforce gtx 980 970 desktop pcs aurora

Alienware still not offering Nvidia GeForce GTX 980, 970 with its desktop PCs

Alienware is still not selling Nvidia's newest graphics cards with its desktop PCs. However, that should change sometime fairly soon. Learn more here.
microsoft exec acknowledges windows 9 days san francisco event leak  13

Microsoft exec acknowledges Windows 9 days before San Francisco event

Microsoft executive referred to the next version of Windows as Windows 9. Since then, another Microsoft bigwig has back tracked on that. Learn more here.
how to change the background in windows 8 and 1s start screen win

How to change the background in Windows 8 and 8.1’s Start screen

Changing the background in the Metro UI's Start screen can make interacting with that part of Windows 8 a more pleasant experience. Here's how.
DisplayPort Cable

USB Type-C to feature DisplayPort video and audio, support for 4K, 5K resolution

USB Type C cables and connectors will also provide DisplayPort audio and video, along with support for 4K resolution and higher. Learn more here.