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Reader Poll: Will you upgrade to Windows 9, or stay with Windows XP/7/8/8.1?

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On September 30, Microsoft is widely expected to give the world its first official look at Windows 9.

To this point, rumors indicate that Windows 9 will likely include a revamped version of the Start menu, a version of Microsoft’s Cortana voice assistant, and a reworked Windows Update which may give you the ability to download brand new versions of Windows straight from the utility.

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On top of that, Windows 9 may ditch the Charms menu, though leaked screenshots of what appears to be Windows 9 tell us that Charms may just get integrated directly into Metro apps via a menu at the top of each program. Plus, you may be able to disable the Start screen altogether, allowing you to bypass the tiled (and often reviled) Metro UI that debuted with Windows 8.

Also, one rumor claims that Windows 9 may be offered as a free upgrade to people who currently use Windows XP, Vista, and 7. Interestingly, when that rumor surfaced, Windows 8/8.1 users were not mentioned as possible recipients of this free upgrade.

Assuming that most or all of these rumors are accurate, we couldn’t help but wonder how many people would be willing to make the switch over to Windows 9. Would all the tweaks and additions be enough create a mass exodus, or are most people simply content with prior versions of Windows?

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That’s where you come in. We’re running a poll that’s asking this very question, which you’ll find below. To cast your vote, just click on the statement that you agree with. Once Windows 9 gets its official coming out party on September 30, we’ll run a similar poll to see if the information contained in Microsoft’s upcoming presentation swayed people one way or another.

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