AOC says its new display tech is a lot less damaging to your eyes

aoc says new display tech lot less damaging eyes monitor

Display maker AOC says that it is starting to roll out new screen tech dubbed Anti-Blue Light technology, which aims to guard your eyes against blue light that’s emitted from LED-backlight PC monitors.

AOC claims that overexposure to blue light from these screens could lead to vision damage in the long run. Their new tech adjusts the LED backlight to cut down shortwave blue light, which is the harmful type, by over 90 percent.

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While there are other methods to do this, which employ filters and software-centric corrections, AOC’s Anti-Blue Light tech slashes the amount of shortwave blue light without dimming or altering colors, it claims.

According to AOC, studies indicate that long-term exposure to blue light from LED backlights could lead to what’s called “macular degeneration,” or AMD. This, AOC says, could result in a permanent loss of vision in the middle of the eye as a result of retina damage.

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“The prevalence of AMD is expected to rise 6.3 million by the year 2030,” Dr. Carl Kupfer, former Director of the US National Eye Institute says. “Macular degeneration will soon take on aspects of an epidemic.”

If true, that’s quite scary. We’ll reach out to an eye health professional to get their take.

AOC says that its Anti-Blue Light tech will be baked into with its 76V Series Anti-Blue Light monitors.