Microsoft ditches wireless USB for Bluetooth in its new Arc Touch mouse

microsoft ditches wireless usb bluetooth new arc touch mouse

Microsoft just announced a new version of its Arc Touch mouse that it will be launching as part of a new collection of accessories.

The primary difference between this Arc Touch, whose full name is the Arc Touch Bluetooth Mouse, is the fact that it includes Bluetooth connectivity.

The version of the Arc Touch that’s available on the official Microsoft storage page now requires you to connect via an included wireless USB transmitter, which occupies a USB port. USB ports can be pretty scarce, especially if you primarily use a laptop or a tablet. The Arc Touch Bluetooth Mouse wears the same curved design as its predecessor, the Arc Touch Mouse, does.

The Arc Touch Bluetooth Mouse is also slightly bigger across, but smaller in length, than its predecessor. The new model measures 2.32×5.12-inches, while the non-Bluetooth Arc Touch Mouse measures 2.28×5.14-inches.

Like the Arc Touch Mouse before it, this Bluetooth-equipped version can be flattened out, has a range of up to 30 feet, and claims to be usable on unconventional surfaces like wood and carpeting.

It’s worth noting that Microsoft previously released a Bluetooth-enabled Arc Touch mouse similar to this one, but that one was designed to look like and pair with the Surface. It has also been out of stock for some time.

The Microsoft Arc Touch Bluetooth Mouse will be available sometime this fall for $69.95. That’s a $10 increase over the non-Bluetooth version.

You can learn more here.