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OneDrive now lets you upload files as large as 10GB, adds link sharing, more

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Microsoft just announced on its official OneDrive blog that the company’s cloud storage service now lets you upload files as large as 10GB.

Microsoft’s Jason Moore says that you can do so using the Windows or Mac OneDrive app, all versions of the OneDrive mobile app, and the OneDrive site itself. Microsoft says that an increase in file size upload limitations was a highly-requested feature. This feature will also be available for OneDrive’s business users at some point, but it’s unknown when that will happen.

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Microsoft also claims that it is adding improvements to syncing, upping the number of files that can be uploaded or downloaded “at a given time.” Redmond claims a “threefold” boost in sync speeds, and says that this is rolling out now and should be available “in the coming weeks.” However, Microsoft only mentions this as an addition for OneDrive on PCs and Macs.

Microsoft is also adding the ability to share stuff from their OneDrive account by generating links. This will initially be available for Windows 7 and 8 users, and will be eventually available for Windows 8.1 and Mac-based users as well.

Finally, you’ll now be able to upload folders to OneDrive just by dragging and dropping them. Microsoft notes that you have to be using a browser that supports this feature, like Google Chrome.

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With the advent of 4K photos and videos, files are getting bigger than they’ve ever been before. The bigger files get, the more space they take up on our cloud storage accounts and hard drives. So, the industry needs to adapt to the changing times.

Microsoft seems to be one of those companies that’s doing just that, if these announcements are any indication.

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