Mailbox Mac OS X beta out now, introduces draft support, message snooze features

mailbox mac os x beta now introduces draft support message snooze features compose
Mailbox, a popular mobile email app from the people who brought you Dropbox, now has a desktop counterpart for Mac. However, it’s not in final release form yet. Mailbox announced on its official blog that a version of the app for Mac OS X has entered the public beta phase of development, and will be available for download sometime over the next few weeks. The rollout of the public beta is starting today.

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That’s not all though. The Mailbox for Mac public beta introduces a couple of new features, one of which is support for draft emails, which will sync across all your devices assuming you’re signed into your Dropbox account. This will come to both the iOS and Android versions of the app sometime soon as well. Drafts will get saved locally too.

On top of  that, the Mailbox for Mac public beta will also offer a “snooze to desktop” feature. This will allow you to snooze messages until you get back to your desktop or laptop. It sounds like this feature is essentially puts message reception on hold so that emails aren’t piling up while you’re away. With snooze to desktop, if you prefer to answer messages while at your notebook or desktop, you can set Mailbox for Mac up so that you receive everything at once when you get back, as opposed to having messages pile up on you while you’re away.

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In order to download the Mailbox for Mac public beta, you need to sign up to be eligible. If you’re selected, you’ll get an email that will enable you to grab the app and test it out fairly soon.

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