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Microsoft releases patches for Internet Explorer slowdown bug, how to download

Internet explorer
Microsoft itself has admitted that if you use any version of Internet Explorer from 7 to 11, that you might have experienced some serious problems with extreme slowdowns. Here’s how it describes the problem in the company’s own words:

“Web applications that implement consecutive modal dialog boxes may cause Internet Explorer to become slow and unresponsive over time,” Microsoft says. We’re not exactly sure what “consecutive modal dialog boxes” are, but they must be common enough for Microsoft to have issued a patch for the problem.

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Without further delay, here’s how you can download the Internet explorer slowdown patch for the version of the browser that you specifically use.

How to download the patch for the Internet Explorer slowdown bug

First, head over to this page. Then, match up the patch with the version of Internet Explorer you use, and the iteration of Windows that’s installed on your PC. Then, click “Download the package now” once you’ve identified the proper link for your system. From there, you’ll be taken to a page with a red “Download” button. Once you’ve confirmed that this is the right patch for you, hit it, and once the patch has been downloaded, open it, and click “Run.”

This isn’t the only issue that Microsoft has had with its big-name software products. Many people who downloaded last week’s Windows 8.1 patches have reported encounters with blue screens of deaths, and restart loops. Microsoft has responded by pulling those downloads from Windows Update, and by providing instructions on how to uninstall those patches.

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