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Microsoft adds over 50 new U.S. cities to Google Street View-like Bing Maps service

microsoft adds 50 new u s cities google street view like bing maps service golden gate
Picking out a vacation destination can be tricky, but computers can make that task a whole lot easier by giving you a look at any cities or spots that you might want to visit. Google Street View is practically a household name in this space, but Microsoft’s Bing Maps has its own Street View-like service called Streetside, which has recently added over 50 new cities to its library that you can check out. Microsoft made the announcement in this official blog post.

The cities that have been added to Bing’s Streetside feature include Chicago, Las Vegas, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Boston, Cleveland, and many others. This means that you’ll soon be able to check out great sights like the Chicago Theater, the Vegas strip, and many other great American hotspots.

We tried to check out a Streetside image of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, which Microsoft says has been added as well. However, when we looked up the bridge in Bing Maps, clicked “More,” and hit “Streetside,” we got an error message saying that Streetside wasn’t available for that part of it world. We’re assuming that Microsoft is still rolling out the update. It’s worth noting that you could also access Streetside using Microsoft’s Bing Maps Preview app for Windows 8.1.

Speaking of the app, Microsoft has also added brand new 3D cities to it, so you can check out The Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Disney World, New Orleans, Universal Studios, and a whole host of other sites without even trekking over there. New high resolution images have been added to Bing Maps of places in 150 countries all over the world, courtesy of an aircraft-mounted UltraCam Osprey camera.

You can download the Bing Maps Preview app from the Windows store for free here.

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