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Move over Nate Silver, Bing is now firmly in the election prediction business

Every election cycle in the U.S. is usually wild and weird as it is. Now, Bing will be taking cracks at predicting who will win this season’s House, Senate, and Gubernatorial races.

Officially dubbed the “Elections & Voter Guide 2014,” the page also serves as a hub for election-related news, and you can use it to break down information based on individual states, and more. The hub, which is currently in beta, also contains separate pages for poll results. Using an interactive map, it also shows you how offices are divided on a party affiliation basis.

The poll results page doesn’t contain any information at this point. Bing says that you should “check back soon for the latest poll results,” so we imagine that this will get filled up sometime between now and Election Day.

The guide also contains a link to a voter registration page, will tell you where you can vote, provide you with election trivia, and much more.

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With this initiative, Microsoft hopes to educate voters, according to the company’s blog post.

“Politics aside, our goal with Bing Elections and the personalized Voter Guide is to arm voters so they can make decisions based on the most comprehensive and best information available,” Derrick Connell, Microsoft’s Corporate VP of Bing says. “Whether it’s the senate race at the national level or a proposition affecting your city, we’re hoping to give you the confidence to make the most out of your vote.”

It will be interesting to see whether famed election result predictor Nate Silver will be more accurate during this cycle, or whether Bing can seize the prediction guru crown from him.

Keep in mind that you’ll only be able to use this service in “major metropolitan markets,” Microsoft says.

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