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Brink gets the DLC pack Agents of Change on August 3


It’s too bad that Brink got off to such a rocky start, since it actually got to be pretty fun once the biggest issues (LAG!) were worked out. If you’ve still got a copy or have been on the fence about getting one, maybe the upcoming DLC release from Splash Damage and Bethesda Softworks will inspire you. Not just because of the new stuff — stuff rocks, don’t get me wrong — but also because you can have it for the low, low cost of absolutely nothing.

The Resistance is still throwing down with Security aboard the Ark, and the upcoming pack — which you’ll be able to download over Xbox Live, PlayStation Network and Steam starting August 3 — adds a few new locations for them to duke it out in. Two of them, to be precise: Labs and Founders’ Tower. In addition, the level cap will be boosted to 24 and new outfits and weapon attachments will be added to the game. Not a lot more, but hey, it’s free.

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