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Electronic Arts executives play musical chairs to the tune of a new CEO

With new CEO Andrew Wilson freshly installed at the head of Electronic Arts, some changes are afoot in the mega-publisher’s executive pool, according to a leaked memo obtained by GamesBeat. The memo reportedly makes no mention of specific title changes, instead laying out each individual’s new responsibilities. It seems that all executives will report directly to Wilson now, instead of Chief Operating Officer Peter Moore. There’s been no announcement of any departure for Moore – who many expected to assume the CEO role before Wilson’s appointment – but his role in this reformulated executive pool at EA remains unclear.

Patrick Söderlund, the current executive vice president of EA Games’ worldwide studios, will supplement that role as the new head of EA Sports, which was Wilson’s old job. Elsewhere, EA Labels boss Frank Gibeau takes over as the new head of EA Mobile; it’s unclear at the moment if Gibeau will continue in his lead role on EA Labels as well. The memo runs through a number of other executive roles connected to the company’s chief officers, including COO Moore, CTO Rajat Taneja, and CFO Blake Jorgensen. Their roles at the company appear to be unchanged, but the lack of any reference to titles could suggest a deeper internal change to the corporate hierarchy.

Head over to GamesBeat to check out the memo in full, and read all the details for yourself. It should also be noted that word of the executive shake-up first emerged in a report from Polygon attributed to multiple unnamed sources, though the information was incomplete. The memo, which emerged later, offers a more thorough rundown of what’s happening at EA and who’s doing what under the new Wilson regime.