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‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’: News, rumors, and everything we know

'Mass Effect: Andromeda's newest trailer tells us more about its story

Legendary role-playing game developer BioWare hasn’t released a game in its Mass Effect series since 2012, which closed the door on the series’ hero, Commander Shepard, in epic fashion. The series’ next chapter, Mass Effect: Andromeda, looks beyond Shepard and the trilogy’s antagonists, the Reapers, telling the story of a pair of new heroes — the Ryder twins, Scott and Sarah —  in an unfamiliar corner of the universe as players search for humanity’s new home.

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As Mass Effect: Andromeda edges ever closer to release, we’ve now seen a cinematic trailer and a showcase of in-game action in 4K and HDR. But that’s not all, thanks to Best Buy jumping the gun, we now know what the box art looks like too, as well as some new details on bundles and Collector’s Editions. If you can’t wait until Mass Effect: Andromeda comes out in 2017, then you can read everything there is to know about the game right here.


BioWare has released a few trailers for Andromeda. The 2015 announcement trailer did not show any gameplay, but gives us a sense of the game’s focus on exploration, as a masked figure (presumably the game’s protagonist, Ryder) cycles through planets before choosing one to drop down on.

A more cinematic trailer hints at the nature of humanity’s mission to the Andromeda galaxy, as well the dangers that lurk there.

Some familiar species appear, suggesting mankind has not left the entirety of its friends behind, but once again they find themselves outmanned and outgunned against an ancient and technologically superior enemy. The trailer also features narration from Clancy Brown, who plays the Ryder siblings’ father, Alec.

On November 7, 2015, BioWare released a teaser featuring narration from Commander Shepard (Jennifer Hale).

Finding a new home was never going to be easy and that was proven when a lengthy gameplay trailer was released during the Game Awards 2016 (shown at the top of this article). It presents some of the varied environments players will visit during the game’s story, its combat, conversational sparring, and the six-wheeled Mako in action.

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