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15 Android and iOS games to keep your kids entertained (and quiet)

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Shapes Toddler Preschool (free)


This app gets kids ready for preschool with puzzles and games involving shapes, colors, numbers, and letters. The app is laid out so that a young child can click around without getting out of the game or ending up at a menu, and the controls are easy enough for anyone to use. There are four ways to play but all of them are educational, and should help with development. Shapes Toddler Preschool features over 30 categories, which include shapes, colors, money, symbols, colors, and numbers. The game has puzzles, games, and flashcards to make learning easy.

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Endless Alphabet (free Android, $7 for iOS)


Endless Alphabet is a unique, interactive, educational app that teaches kids their ABCs. The app uses adorable, colorful monsters to teach kids the alphabet and build their vocabulary. There are more than 50 words to explore and learn, each of which features an interactive puzzle with talking letters and short animations designed to illustrate the definition. Endless Alphabet is a fun and engaging way to teach your kids the alphabet without any pressures or limitations. The app allows kids to learn at their own pace, without any stress or pressure.

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Rosetta Stone Kids (free)


Rosetta Stone Kids Lingo Letter Sounds is a fun, educational app that teaches preschoolers how to read and speak. This game is perfect for parents looking to teach their child more than one language, as the Rosetta Stone app reinforces English reading skills while simultaneously introducing Spanish. The app casts the child as a savior for trapped toys. Kids have to speak Spanish to control the actions of different characters on screen, matching the correct starting letter sound to release each toy. It’s a clever way to get them interested in speaking Spanish.

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GazziliScience ($2)


Science can be a tough subject for some kids, but GazziliScience makes it easy and fun. There are six different areas of the game, each with a different aspect of science to learn. Different characters take kids through lessons about plants, seasons, water cycles, and more. Kids can plant a seed, watch the roots grow, and see the transformation into trees and flowers. Watch how the rotation of the earth changes the seasons and go under the sea to learn about the wildlife. The app has a lot of content, but the actions are repetitive, so there is a possibility children will outgrow the games. Each time a kid completes a lesson, they unlock another portion of the GazziliScience Fun Page, an interactive menu in which kids can get stickers and touch on-screen objects to make them move, talk, or dance.

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Ubooly (free)


Ubooly, which can be described as a less terrifying Furby, is essentially a far more advanced version of a Teddy Ruxpin. But rather than cassette tapes, you can insert your iPhone or iPad into the Ubooly plush toy ($30), which will interact with your kids. It can learn names, birthdays, responds when spoken to, and walks kids through various lessons and games. Kids can enter math problems into the iPhone/iPad and Ubooly will work with them toward the correct solution. Ubooly also teaches children science by walking them through easy at home experiments, which make hands on learning at home easy and fun. The toy covers a range of lessons from the human body to Spanish, and has enough content to keep a kid of any age interested.

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