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This homework app will connect you with a tutor on the spot because math is hard

Remember sitting at the lunch table or at your desk at home and feeling completely flustered by a problem in your math book? For when you can’t flip to the back of the book to check the answer, you now have an alternative on your phone. Snapsolve, a new iPhone app, will hook kids up with some help on those problems that are real stumpers.

This isn’t the first app that alleges to help solve the impossible problems, but it is a handy tool for any adult who doesn’t want to feel embarrassed because they forgot how to do sixth grade math. Snapsolve actually connects students with tutors who will help them understand how to solve the problem at hand instead of just provide an answer.

How it works is quite simple: Open the app and take a snapshot of whatever homework questions is giving you a headache. The image is sent off to a real life tutor who specializes in the topic of the query at hand, and that tutor will work out the problem in full with step-by-step instructions on how to get the correct answer.

Of course, those answers don’t always come free. Snapsolve is available for all grade levels and all topics, but some questions will cost you. Easy answers are free, but the more complicated things get and the more time is required, the bill will range anywhere from $2 to $10. It might seem steep, but for an on demand service that will rid you of your brain-wracking, it may be worth it.

On average, tutors spend about 15 minutes with each question.┬áThe student tutors on the app who field and reply to questions receive payment for their work, and to ensure that students get the best help possible, tutors are graded and given “rep points” to mark their ability and history of success.

Snapsolve is available for free on iOS, so download it and get your kid some help on those tough assignments that you can’t help with.