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Facebook rolls out Promoted Post testing to the U.S., and so far, users like

Facebook begun testing Promoted Posts, which users can pay for better and longer newsfeed placements, in the U.S.
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Australians losing enthusiasm for Facebook, report says

A new report from Ipsos Australia claims a new trend has emerged showing Australian users of Facebook are losing their enthusiasm for the social networking site.
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Facebook says child privacy law shouldn’t apply to “Like” button

Facebook has sent a letter to the FTC arguing that its "Like" button and other social plugins should be exempt from a children's privacy protection law.
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Klout adds Facebook Pages into its social influence measurement mix

Klout has added support for Facebook Page signals and now incorporates these numbers into your Klout score.
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California employers can no longer ask for Facebook passwords

Definitely a victory for the privacy of California residents, lawmakers have made it illegal to demand passwords to social network accounts.
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Introducing Facebook Gifts, the platform’s latest attempt at cornering social e-commerce

If you're not sure what to buy for your friend's birthday and are crunched for time, Facebook's ecommerce platform that debuted today called Facebook Gifts just might be your saving grace.
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Facebook’s fight on faked Likes has officially begun

Facebook is taking on fake Likes, bot-boosted brand pages, and faux accounts, and it's starting now.
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Facebook adds Dropbox integration to Groups to become a file-sharing force

Facebook edges into productivity tool territory by adding Dropbox integration to Groups.
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Outrage over Facebook’s private message scandal should send us running for our privacy settings

A supposed leak of old private messages turned out to just be resurfaced old Wall Posts - but the resulting outrage should be an indication you need to head to your privacy settings.

Breaking down ‘Big Data’ and Internet in the age of variety, volume, and velocity

What is this Big Data thing everyone keeps talking about? And more importantly, why should we care?
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Facebook to follow you offline and see if you’re buying what they’re selling

Facebook is working with Datalogix to track demographics of users clicking on Facebook ads and making offline in-store purchases.
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Facebook partners with Bango for smoother in-app mobile payments

Facebook's partnership with Bango will offer a seamless mobile payment system that charges in-app purchases to the user's mobile carrier.