Facebook wants to help you spend less time on Facebook

How much time do you spend on Facebook? Well, the company's upcoming time management tools will help you answer that question and offer ways to help you spend less time there if you want.
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Facebook expands the scope and capabilities of its fact-checking program

Fake news stories remain a problem for Facebook and those who use the platform. At a recent conference, the social media giant outlined its new plans for identifying fake news stories using a combination of A.I. and human fact-checkers.
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Would you pay to join a Group? Facebook takes subscriptions for a spin

After launching Facebook Watch subscriptions, Facebook is also testing a paid subscription for Groups. The tool would allow Group administrators to charge for exclusive content, while a portion of the group remains free, Facebook says.
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Americans believe that 40 percent of the news is fake

A new survey conducted by the Gallup/Knight Foundation found that overall, Americans believe that 39 percent of the news they see, hear, or read is misinformation. They're even more skeptical of social media.
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New trivia game shows and video polls on Facebook turn viewers into participants

Move over, Vanna. Facebook's latest video tool allows creators to ask trivia questions and boot out viewers that get a wrong answer. The tool is designed to create interactive game show videos on Live, Facebook says.

Facebook wants to literally open your eyes with A.I. that fixes blinks in photos

Facebook wants to make sure that A.I.-edited photo you share actually looks like you. Facebook researchers just created an A.I. that fixes the blink using a reference image of your own eyes.
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Facebook updates its policies regarding weapon accessories and minors

Facebook has once again updated its advertisement policies. This time, the company is cracking down on ads related to firearms accessories and services. The company will still allow such ads on its platform, but will no longer allow…
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Facebook is messing with your memories as On This Day gets refreshed

Goodbye On This Day, hello Facebook Memories. Facebook's popular throwback feature is getting a refresh and a new name as the three-year-old On This Day feature becomes Memories.

Facebook takes on YouTube, Twitch, and Mixer with a game broadcast channel

Facebook is experimenting with a new gaming video "destination" that combines all the live and pre-recorded gaming videos posted on the network. Facebook splits its one-stop video showcase into five sections.
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MIT cooks up a psycho A.I. named Norman by feeding it dark data from Reddit

Facebook flubs again and makes millions of private posts public, we drive the new and improved Lexus ES models, MIT cooks up a psychopathic A.I. and gives it a perfect name.

Apple’s new privacy features are bad for Facebook, but great for everyone else

Apple announced several new privacy and cybersecurity features at WWDC 2018, specifically in its web browser, Safari. The company didn’t shy away from naming why it made the changes. It had Facebook right in its crosshairs.

Another Facebook fail: Bug caused it to publicly share 14M private messages

In its latest gaffe, Facebook blamed a bug for making the private posts from 14 million users public during a four-day period. Facebook said it has fixed the problem and is beginning to notify affected users to check their posts.