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Sex offender wins case compelling Facebook to remove page identifying pedophiles

Facebook has been ordered to remove a page that tracks pedophiles' movements by a High Court Judge, but the group that created it has already moved on to a second page.

Facebook sells the farm and renegotiates its partnership with Zynga

In 2011, Facebook relied on FarmVille studio Zynga for 12 percent of its total revenue. At the end of 2012, Zynga is a fast shrinking business with a equally shrinking audience. The social network and the game company have renegotiated…

To Photo Sync or not to Photo Sync? We go hands on with Facebook’s new auto uploading photo feature

Facebook's Photo Sync finally was released, so went hands on to reveal everything from setup to built-in features - and of course, we take a look at how safe the system is.
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Facebook and Zynga decide to see other people

Facebook and Zynga, long established as one of social networking's strongest power couples, have loosened their contractual relationship. The changes mean that Zynga is no longer tied exclusively to Facebook, while Facebook is free to court…
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‘Stupid’ zombie ad taken off daytime TV after viewers complain on firm’s Facebook page

A zombie-themed television ad for a Norwegian sports goods company has been taken off daytime TV after offended viewers took to the firm's Facebook page to complain.

Confused by Facebook’s new privacy policy? You’re supposed to be

There's a whole new reason to believe the vote over Facebook's proposed policy changes is a farce: Some of the new language is purposefully written to confuse you.
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IBM claims 0.0 percent traffic referrals from Twitter on Black Friday, but retailers say otherwise

IBM published a report indicating low social media referrals on Black Friday, so we turned to retailers and social media strategists about how they performed through social media channels during Black Friday weekend.

State of the Web: Facebook makes us feel trapped and powerless, but there’s a way out

The recent "privacy notice" hoax washing over Facebook walls proves how powerless we've all been made to feel by the social media giant, but the vicious circle that makes us feel stuck on Facebook can be broken.

Idiot parents named their newborn Hashtag, await the day she emancipates

Another baby named after social media emerges, ironically named Hashtag while she's introduced via Facebook.
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Facebook policy changes would be a disaster for users, privacy groups warn

Two online privacy advocacy groups have written a letter to Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, urging the CEO to scrap his company's recently proposed policy changes. The groups say the changes would subject users to greater risks, and may violate…
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That ‘Facebook privacy notice’ is a hoax

The release of Facebook's newly proposed privacy guidelines has sparked the resurgence of two totally bogus "notices," both of which incorrectly claim to provide Facebook users with greater rights to privacy and copyright over the photos…
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All the Facebook news you may have missed this week

Facebook was busy this week, what with switching over to HTTPS, abolishing user voting rights, and testing new features. Check out all the latest from everyone's favorite social network.