Liar … liar? It takes 10 percent longer to type a lie than the truth

Taking a while to respond to a text? According to a new study, you may be concocting lies! People who heavily edit, write short responses, and take longer to text or type responses on Facebook were usually lying.
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Facebook apes Twitter once again by integrating conversation into live news

Facebook is making another play for Twitter's lead on real-time conversation. Of course, we don't use Facebook the same way we use Twitter, so breaking our habits will be the most challenging part.
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Facebook tests LinkedIn-esque ‘Professional Skills’ tab

Facebook's not just about party invitations and photos from last week's gatherings. The social network is testing a new "Professional Skills" feature so you can boast about the things you're good at doing on a weekday afternoon.
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How socially engaged is your favorite NFL team?

A marketing firm ranked the NFL teams based on their social media prowess. While most of the results line up with the power teams, there are a few surprises.
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Facebook presses pause on privacy updates as complaints intensify

Facebook will have to wait to roll out its new privacy updates after advocates call foul and want to further investigate the changes.
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Why do we hate Facebook hashtags?

Hashtags have proven their viral worth everywhere – except Facebook. What is it that sets Facebook apart from its social networking brethren, and makes us hate the pound sign so much?
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Turns out your smiley Facebook friends really are happier than you

Researchers at the University of Virginia found that the intensity of your smile in Facebook profile pictures can predict your future happiness. It might be time to delete that angry-sexy thing you've going.
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Are Facebook hashtags a big fat #failure?

If you're trying to engage more friends and fans on Facebook, using hashtags will harm your efforts. Bad news for Facebook's quest to become the new Twitter.
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This ice cream shop knows what Facebook tastes like – no, it’s not tears and vodka

An ice cream shop in Croatia is selling Facebook flavored ice cream, which doesn't even make any sense, but whatever.
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Facebook pays researcher $12.5K bounty for uncovering image-deletion security flaw

A 21-year-old electronics and communication engineer who uncovered a security flaw on Facebook that allowed anyone to delete posted images has received a $12,500 reward for his discovery.
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A 2012 article proposed a smarter version of Facebook Shared Albums

Shared Albums just launched, but ideas to make them smarter have been available since last year.

Keep calm and tweet on: Creditors have been sizing you up online for years

What you say on Facebook can be used against you when applying for a loan – but it can be used in your favor, too. Here, we'll dig a bit deeper into reports that your online activity can affect your credit worthiness.