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How Facebook’s new hashtags will change the SEO game

Hashtags are now Internet-ubiquitous. And that means they'll have a little something to do with Facebook SEO.
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Finally! Editing Facebook posts is in the works, so we can look a little smarter

Make a mistake in that Facebook status? Soon, you'll be able to correct all those little mess ups ... and feel much better about yourself.
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The revolution will be hashtagged: How one little symbol means big changes for Facebook

After months of knowing it was coming, the hashtag has arrived on Facebook - and it means much more than another sign of Twitter copycatting. Here's how the pound sign is about to change the way you talk and discover everything within…
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The new Myspace leaves beta, with a mobile app to boot

Aside from sporting a brand-new look, MySpace also has a slew of new functions that hope to steal some of your Spotify account's thunder.
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Our favorite hidden hacks to spice up your social networks

Bored of Facebook's emoticons? Tired of Snapchat's color palette? These hidden tips and tricks will take you into the underground, secret side of social networking features that you never knew existed.
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Facebook formally introduces hashtags – let the discovery begin

It was inevitable, really: Facebook now has hashtags. You can finally sift through your gigantic News Feed much, much easier. We'll consider it a first-step to a fix.
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Zuckerberg denies PRISM involvement again at shareholder’s meeting

While Mark Zuckerberg has denied Facebook's involvement in the U.S. government's PRISM program, can Facebook's statements really be trusted?

Google outbids Facebook to aquire Waze for $1.1 billion

Google finalized a deal to acquire Waze, a six-year-old socially sourced GPS navigation app with 40 million active users. The purchase was a move to outbid Facebook and keep its lead in the map world.
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China allowing Twitter and Facebook access! Oh wait … not quite

Conference participants are being allowed to tweet and update Facebook, but the permission comes with quite a few caveats. Don't expect the censor-heavy country to start loosening its grip on social sites anytime soon.
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Here’s why you shouldn’t be surprised that people share more Vines than Instagrams on Twitter

If you look at how often they're getting shared on Twitter, Vine appears more popular than Instagram. But you shouldn't use Twitter as a barometer.
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RIP, Facebook Sponsored Stories! We shall dance on your grave

Facebook's Sponsored Stories ads are going to that big deluxe apartment in the sky. The stuff that inspired lawsuits and user opt-outs will be taken out back and shot!
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Facebook news you may have missed: A cash-stealing virus, ad cutbacks, and a report that Facebook leads to breakup city

Watch out for the Zeus Trojan, Facebook is cutting down on ads, and Home is update in this week in Facebook news you may have missed.