Sharing is not caring: How social networks ruin amazing secrets

Social networks encourage spreading everything you encounter far and wide, but sharing can actually destroy the very things you want to promote.

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Facebook wants you to snitch on friends that aren’t using real names

Specifically for data collection to analyze usage patterns, Facebook friends are being used against each other to identify fake names.
Social Media

Twitter’s new Lifeline feature helps users in Japan access emergency information

Twitter launched a new feature today called Lifeline to help users in Japan access relevant information during an emergency.
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Thousands showup to party in tiny Dutch town after Facebook invite goes viral, ends in riot

Oh no, not again. A girl in the Netherlands had been hoping to have a small party with close friends to celebrate her 16th birthday. Using Facebook to invite guests, she forgot to set the event as private. Perhaps you can guess what…
Social Media

Hostage situation unfolds over Facebook, ends peacefully

Definitely a tense situation for several hours this morning, police were able to end a hostage situation safely with Facebook in the mix.
Social Media

Facebook reportedly launching second social gifting attempt with Facebook Gifts

Post-Karma's acquisition, Facebook is gearing up to launch Facebook Gifts, its second attempt at a gifting app in an effort to bolster its mobile revenue.
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Facebook’s compliance with European privacy regulations turns off facial recognition and increases transparency

Facebook has made a number of changes to its platform to comply with the requests by Ireland’s Data Protection Committee, as the latest audit shows.

Pranksters rejoice: Siri can update your friend’s Facebook status from the lock screen

Quite possibly an annoying problem in the hands of a practical joker, Siri and Facebook could lead to embarrassing status updates.
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Facebook debuts Shared Activity plugin, gives users control over sharing settings on developer’s sites

To offer users control with what they share on their Timeline, Facebook has released its Shared Activity plugin that developers can add onto their sites.
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British authorities to set up guidelines for social media hate speech

When is social media hate speech worth prosecuting criminally? That question will be easier for British authorities to answer soon, following the announcement of the creation of a set of official guidelines setting out what is and isn't…

Facebook adds in-app SMS messaging and makes design changes in latest Android app update

Facebook's latest update to its standalone Messenger and main app for Android users, adds in-app SMS messaging and updates to the user experience.