Could Google+ hit 400 mln users in 2012?

Google+ may still be a tiny social networking service compared to Facebook, but one watcher forecasts Google+ will reach 400 million users by the end of 2012.

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Everything you want to know about the Facebook Timeline

Now that the Facebook Timeline has officially rolled out, we've taken the time to thoroughly introduce you to the latest iteration of the profile.

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Comedian lampoons bratty Twitter users over ridiculous Christmas gift complaints

While millions of Americans opened up gifts to find amazing electronics like tablets or smartphones, a handful of brats took to Twitter over the holiday weekend to complain about their "plight" over unwanted Christmas gifts.

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Woman and baby being held hostage saved after Facebook status update

Trapped by an abusive ex-boyfriend and stripped of her cell phone, a Utah woman turns to a social network to plead for help on Christmas Eve.

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Opinion: Picking winners and losers in the coming decade of tech

The past 10 years have been a tumultuous few, and the next 10 promise even more disruption. How will these present-day superpowers fare in the 2010s?


Study: 60 percent of students won’t attend a college without Wi-Fi services

While many colleges are attempting to keep up with current technological trends and advances, college students are becoming more picky when it comes to Wi-Fi access on campus.


Google+ brand pages start appearing in Google search results

Without the advantage of social media updates within Google search results, Facebook and Twitter may see brands start to abandon the social networks to spend more time on Google+.

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Facebook to run Sponsored Story ads in your News Feed

Starting next month, Facebook will begin slipping Sponsored Story ads directly into your precious News Feed.

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‘Offensive comments’ tops reasons Facebook users delete friends: Nielsen

Don't say mean things on Facebook, or you might soon find yourself friendless, a NM Incite study shows.

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Facebook for iPhone now includes the Timeline and much-needed photo fixes

The Timeline hits the iPhone, as well as some new upgrades for improved and seamless interactions.

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Lawsuit over Facebook ‘sponsored stories’ rolls forward

A judge has ruled that a lawsuit over Facebook's use of friends' "likes" to craft ads using those friends' names can move forward.

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Survey: 76 percent of Brit Facebook photos snapped while drunk, 25 percent don’t mind who sees them

A survey of British Facebook users has found that of all their photos on the social networking site, three-quarters show them in a state of inebriation. And 25 percent have their privacy settings set in such a way that anyone can see them.


Dutch airline wants you to use social sites to choose who you sit by

A forthcoming application for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines will allow users to opt-in and find out who from social networking sites is on their flight.

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Microsoft’s So.cl learns a lesson from Facebook and puts college students first

The new social networking site wants to use social networking to connect college students. While the premise might sound familiar, there's a different focus below So.cl's surface.

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