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Facebook Home might be coming to iPhone, after all [updated]

Remember your disappointment when you found out Facebook Home was only available for select Android devices? It looks like other mobile platforms will get to enjoy a whole new level of Facebook addiction after all.
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How social media has changed what it means to be a celebrity

All the Twitter's a stage, and all the tweeters are potential celebrities ... and paparazzi. The lines between famous people and the rest of us is getting thinner and thinner as the likes of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram being us closer…

EA swallows a $300 mill pill and backs away from Facebook

In 2009, Electronic Arts joined the social gaming rush, spending millions to establish itself as a Zynga competitor. The company spent $300 million purchasing Pet Society studio Playfish. Not even four years later, EA is shutting down all…
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Instagram your way to meeting Bieber, and other social ways to win this week

You're spending plenty of your time Instagramming and pinning anyway, why not put it to use? These contests all want your social media content, and they're willing to give you something for it. And all you have to do is Tumblr or tweet your…
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Instasham: Your shortcut to the (fake) life of privilege on Instagram

Are you a Rich Kids of Instagram wannabe? The operative word being "wannabe," of course, thanks to Instasham, a new service that lets you pretend to snap photos of the lavish life and claim it as your own.
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Would you pay to Facebook message a celebrity?

Facebook is testing a new service that makes you fork over cash to contact famous people. Is it worth the dough or just a ploy to get desperate fans to ante up?
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Facebook is giving advertisers a better look into your online – and offline – behavior

If you thought advertisers already had a lot of data on your thanks to Facebook, the introduction of "partner categories" takes this to a whole new level. Now, marketers can pinpoint buyers extremely specifically, thanks to data brokers…
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Facebook’s new emotion-based status updates are a win for sarcasm

Facebook has rolled out a new feature that is just begging for us to mess with the social network. Now, instead of boring old status updates, you can get as specific - and graphic and sarcastic and horrible - as you want. Sky's the limit…
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Instagram and Vine to the rescue in the case of the Lone Star stabber

In the midst of the horrific news this morning, one Instagram users took it on himself to nab the stabbing suspect. Other students left warnings on Vine. And thanks to their efforts, the rest of the world was able to watch as the events…
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Who won the Internet at last night’s Shorty Awards

Many public figures use social media as a creative means to get their messages across. The fifth Shorty Awards gave kudos to the Web's best and brightest.
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Go ahead, tell Facebook how you really feel

Now Messenger isn't the only way you can use emoticons with Facebook. The social network is rolling out a new way to share status updates that are personalized and detailed to highlight what users are doing or what their current moods.
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Facebook is finally letting us interact with Open Graph updates

'Watch' and 'Read' Open Graph stories that are now a core feature of Facebook's new Timeline are surfacing in Facebook's mobile News Feed. Better yet, we're moving beyond the "Like" in to more action-oriented responses to these types of…