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The opus that is R. Kelly’s ‘Trapped in the Closet’ gets new life thanks to social media

If you love R. Kelly's "Trapped in the Closet" hip-hopera, a new interactive soundboard uses Facebook, Twitter and other social media to unlock extra fun. Warning: It can become extremely addictive and you will be prompted to buy the final…
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How is this North Korean airline running an incredibly active Facebook page?

Air Koryo is the state-owned and singular airline carrier in North Korea. So how is it running an incredibly active and surprisingly open and responsive Facebook page, given the country's totalitarian Internet policy?
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Facebook is – finally – unveiling the Facebook Phone April 4

After years of rumors, Facebook is finally getting ready to unveil the mysterious Facebook Phone. The handset will likely be built by HTC and run Android - but we'll find out more April 4. Until then, we have a bit to mull whether we're…
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What does the future of Facebook look like?

...We've got a few ideas. While the secret network keeps its roadmap cards close to the chest, its recent feature launches and some insider insight (and hey, some gut instincts) help us get an idea where Facebook is heading.
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According to overly obvious study, we are addicted to the Facebook mobile app

Social media can be quite habit-forming, and with the way smartphones are dominating the consumer market these days, Facebook is one of the most addicting mobile apps out there.
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Facebook gets green light to build Gehry-designed campus extension

It'll include the biggest open-plan office in the world, be covered in greenery and be the workplace of one Mark Zuckerberg. This week Menlo Park city council gave the go ahead for the construction of Facebook's new campus, designed by…
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Student breaks into home to use Facebook, caught after not logging out

Possibly a case of extreme Facebook addiction, an 18-year-old college student thought it would be a fantastic idea to break into a nearby home, relax on the couch and peruse the popular social network.
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Celebrating Tumblr’s 100 million blog milestone

Tumblr is churning out millions of blogs - and here are some of our favorites that managed to turn an Internet pastime into a Web-based business.
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If you don’t want ads targeting you, read this story about Facebook FBX

Facebook's ad-retargeting system Facebook Exchange will be expanding. That means a lot to marketers, but what does it mean for you? Turns out, quite a lot: In addition to personalized News Feed ads run through this system, there are a few…

Hands on: Let Serendip reunite you with the music soul mates you never knew you had

With the help of your friends and other individuals who share your taste in music, you can access a well-rounded playlist on Serendip.
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Don’t click that link! New Facebook spam features child porn and an account-controlling virus

Another virus-causing link has found its way into Facebook, and this time it's an incredibly graphic and upsetting video. Learn to protect yourself, your friends, and your kids from this kind of content.

Mark Zuckerberg pokes his way from tech to a new political group

Multiple reports suggest that Mark Zuckerberg has a new interest: Political lobbying. The Facebook founder is said to be launching a new political organization with a college roommate and consultants from both sides of the divide.