Opinion: I’m sticking with the cloud (and you should, too)

Recent security breaches and ownership issues have skeptics doubting whether the cloud should really be the future of computing, but ultimately, we still control our own online destinies.

People, not passwords: The real lesson from Mat Honan’s iCloud hack nightmare

No computer system is ever safe due to one simple fact: Humans are imperfect.

OS X Mountain Lion review: Our in-depth impressions

Apple has released OS X Mountain Lion - and for $20 it seems like a bargain. Here's a quick trip through what's new - and what's not - in Apple's latest desktop operating system.

Who’s excited about getting an @iCloud.com email address in iOS 6?

If you have an @me.com email, you'll automatically receive an @iCloud.com address with the release of iOS 6 later this year.

Apple shuts down MobileMe, offers ‘limited time’ to access and download files

While Apple has officially shut down MobileMe, for a limited time users will be able to access their accounts, download their files, and upgrade to iCloud.

iCloud refresh: Does Apple need to compete with social media?

Reports have Apple preparing photo and video sharing for its iCloud users, but critics already complain Apple can't compete with social media like Facebook and Instagram. But is Apple even trying to compete?

Apple expected to push photo-sharing, video syncing to iCloud in iOS 6

Apple will add photo-sharing, video syncing and other new features to iCloud in iOS 6, reports the Wall Street Journal. But will Apple's walled garden render the services inferior to other similar products?
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One company, one store: Why Google axed Android Market for Google Play

Google is unifying Android Market as well as its book, music, and movie services under the moniker Google Play. But is it clearer, or more confusing?

Motorola forces Apple to disable iCloud push email in Germany

Users of Apple's iCloud service in Germany won't be getting push notifications from iCloud: instead, they have to configure their iOS devices to periodically poll for new messages.

What to expect in Mac OS X Mountain Lion

Apple has taken the wraps off Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. What new features are coming to Macs, and how will the changes affect you?

Apple working on iTV, new AirPlay, iCloud-based DVR: WSJ

In addition to a new iTV device, Apple is also allegedly working on new AirPlay features, and an iCloud-based DVR service, according to the Wall Street Journal.
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HTC confirms free 5GB Dropbox storage for Android users

Anyone with an HTC Android handset will soon have access to 5GB of free cloud storage through Dropbox, the smartphone maker has confirmed.