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Twitter finally supports Do Not Track option to enhance privacy features

Chief Technology Officer for the Federal Trade Commission announced this morning at Internet Week New York that Twitter has agreed to allow users to opt for a Do Not Track options when browsing on Mozilla Firefox.

Want to work in Silicon Alley? Internet Week New York introduces interactive job posting map

Internet Week New York announces the Made In New York Digital Map that will offer a full visual listing of all the tech companies scattered across the Big Apple.
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Manufacturing the meme: Can you create Web virality?

What makes something so viral, you can't help but share the content among your friends, family, and social media presence? In Internet Week New York's Viral Television discussion, four panelists debate how one can potentially make all the…
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Internet Week Brings Crowd-Sourcing to NYC

With Groupon’s IPO in Chicago, Apple’s iCloud announcement in San Francisco, and E3 in LA, it’s been a busy week in the digital world.