BBC iPlayer update brings offline viewing to mobile devices

Users of the BBC's iPlayer catch-up and video-on-demand service will be pleased to know that an app update out on Tuesday will make it possible to download shows to mobile devices for viewing offline. Previously, it was only possible to stream TV shows to…


Adobe Flash for Android: Gone with barely a whimper

Adobe Flash used to be what brought "the full Web" to mobile devices. Now, Adobe Flash for Android is gone...and the full Web is still here.

Android Army

Can Intel succeed as a pay-TV provider?

Reports have Intel in talks to offer live television programming via the Internet. But is the company ready to take on a consumer-facing business?


BBC iPlayer launches in 11 countries

The BBC's popular iPlayer has launched in 11 countries, offering recent programming as well as archived material.


BBC iPlayer to go international on iPad

The BBC plans to launch a subscription-only version of its iPlayer streaming video service on the iPad next year...and it'll be available internationally.


BBC iPlayer Fixed, Hacked Again

The BBC prevents DRM-free downloads, and immediately a hacker makes the service available not only for Windows but also Mac and Linux.


BBC Launches iPlayer Video Service

The BBC has launched a test version of its iPlayer online video service - and debate about it has already heated up.


BBC Announces iPlayer Launch Date

The BBC has announced it will release its iPlayer in the U.K. on July 27. The tool will allow users to download and watch BBC programs on their Windows computers.