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Thought TIVO was dead? Think again

TIVO is back with the introduction of its new Roamio DVR boxes, which aim to deliver all of your TV content from one box. We went hands-on with the Roamio at CEDIA Expo 2013 and came away impressed. Here we have our video overview…
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TiVo officially announces Roamio DVR, records six shows at once

In an attempt to keep up with products like Dish Network's Hopper DVR set-top box, TiVo's new Roamio line of DVR set-top boxes include multiple tuners and can record a significant volume of high definition content.
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TiVo will use your iPad to help you figure out what to watch

Once a DVR force all its own, TiVo is adding a new feature called “What to Watch Now” to its iPad app to help users find what’s worth watching on live TV as an alternative to the standard program guide.
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TiVo to pull free Desktop PC software in early June

Definitely something for TiVo owners to jump on before June 2013 rolls around, the free version of TiVo Desktop for PC will be discontinued in favor of the premium version of the software.
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TiVo Mini DVR Extender is here toting some baggage in the form of fine print

TiVo's highly anticipated Mini DVR Extender is finally out, but there are a few details you should be aware of before you rush out and buy one.
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Suddenlink subscribers get first look at TiVo’s Mini DVR extender

Though it won't launch until the spring, Suddenlink is making the TiVo Mini available to its subscribers. The diminutive DVR extender won't officially launch until spring, but Suddenlink customers can now secure themselves a sneak peek.
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Ditch the bill, keep the remote with four cable-free DVRs for cord cutters

Cutting the cord doesn't mean you have to give up on recording TV. Check out some great alternatives to the DVR provided by your cable or satellite company.

Verizon pays out $500 million + to settle two patent disputes

Verizon is facing an expensive payday today, having settled two different lawsuits surrounding patent infringement for DVR technology and having to pay out $510.4 million in costs.
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TiVo Stream delivers recorded TV to your mobile device

TiVo aims to make recorded programming mobile with the Stream, a little set-top box that will convert and stream or upload recorded TV to mobile devices.
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What is TiVo up to with TRA?

TiVo has purchase metric tracking company - and former partner - TRA Inc., creating a system that will not only track what you watch, but also what you buy, giving advertisers and broadcasters a better idea of who's the best target audience…
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TiVo, PayPal join forces to efficiently push ‘As Seen On TV’ products

TiVo and PayPal want to make it incredibly easy to purchase the things you see on TV. Perhaps too easy.
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Microsoft and TiVo walk away from their patent fight

Microsoft and TiVo have quietly walked away from their potentially high-stakes battle over video delivery and the "time-warp" patent...and neither side gets a thing.