Anthony John Agnello

Anthony John Agnello

Anthony John Agnello is a writer living in New York. He works as the Community Manager of and his writing has appeared in The AV Club, Salon, Edge, and many others. He is patiently waiting for Namco to finish Klonoa 3.

Jetsetter: Persona 5 the Hedgehog? Sega tries to buy Atlus

This week in Jetsetter, the intrepid RPG maker Atlus hits the auction block as its parent company drowns. Who might be buying? None other than Sega Sammy Holdings. Elsewhere in the world, the developers of Sweden meet adversity head on and the UK stops taking…


Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons review

Starbreeze, the developer of grim shooters like The Darkness, reinvents itself in Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, a surprising and beautiful game about loss, family, and fellowship…

  • Pros: Gut-wrenching story and lovely character work. , Surprising…
  • Cons: None.

Jetsetter: Capcom brings back Breath of Fire … sort of

This week in Jetsetter, Capcom brings back one of its most beloved series after ten years as an online mobile game with simple touch controls. Fans react accordingly. Meanwhile, Nintendo's Wii U drowns abroad while the PS4 and Xbox One get a sweet new sport.


Passion of the fanboy: What happens when angry kids threaten to kill you over a game?

Recent changes to Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 left some gamers frothing at the mouth, and some evening threatening to kill the developer responsible. But were they serious or not – and how should the law respond?


Dragon’s Crown review

George Kamitani and his studio Vanillaware deliver their crowning achievement in the modern arcade brawler, Dragon's Crown. Ambrosial fighting, sumptuous art, and an expertly…

  • Pros: A perfectly paced and balanced brawler. , Mind-bogglingly…
  • Cons: Online play not available from the start. , Art can…

Jetsetter: Go on a date with the creator of Mega Man in one last PSP game

This week in Jetsetter, feast your eyes on last PSP game where you play as a young woman trying to find love and save an amusement park, co-starring her Mega Man-inventing uncle. Plus, a fascinating new horror game from Norway and a cool new collaboration from…


‘Super Smash Bros. Wii U’ won’t have a story mode. So what?

Masahiro Sakurai revealed that his new Super Smash Bros. won't have a story mode or cutscenes. There's nothing in his statements to get upset about yet. Fan reaction to his statements about YouTube, however, demonstrates the rising anger toward Nintendo.


Dynasty Warriors 8 review

Dynasty Warriors returns again, another absurdly theatrical retelling of the ancient Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel in Tecmo Koei's decade old series. That's no bad thing, and…

  • Pros: Spectacular new single player Ambition Mode , New weapon…
  • Cons: Can get repetitive , Improved graphics still don't stun…

Jetsetter: Strider returns on PS4 and Xbox One

This week in Jetsetter, we look at Capcom's surprise announcement of Strider HD, a new sequel to its classic arcade games. Will it be an authentic sequel, though, since it's the work of Japanese designers and an American development studio?


Jetsetter: A new Ratchet & Clanks means new bushy eyebrows

This week in Jetsetter, we look at what kind of awesomeness people can expect from the Japanese version of the last Ratchet & Clank game on PlayStation 3. Meanwhile, bad news for Arma 3 developer Bohemia Interactive, and disappointing changes in an Asian RPG.


NCAA Football 14 review

NCAA Football 14 enters its super senior season after seven years of development on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Does it graduate with honors or does it coast? Electronic Arts…

  • Pros: Clean, easy to use menus , New Coach Skills mode adds to the…
  • Cons: Many of the choices you make are tough to track , A flatness…

Jetsetter: Nintendo’s weak library is due in part to HD gaming

This week in Jetsetter, Digital Trends takes a long look at Nintendo's Japanese game development process and its antiquated policies on blocking games by region. Turns out that the delay in Wii U games was caused by the company not being prepared. Who knew?


How the Xbox’s departed boss went from gamemaker to executive playmaker

Don Mattrick, the brand new CEO of Zynga, has walked a long path up through the ranks of the video game industry, starting as an enthusiastic game designer at the age of 17 and growing into one of the architects behind the Xbox business' global success.


Jetsetter: Australia, censorship, and the banning of ‘Saints Row IV’

This week in Jetsetter, Australia bans Saints Row IV, continuing that country's struggle with censorship even after the introduction of the R18+ rating. Meanwhile, the Japanese company behind Persona is in trouble and one Indian developer continues its love…


Jetsetter: ‘Dark Room Sex Game’ returns for the next gen! Seriously!

This week in Jetsetter, the former Rare Ltd. staffer and Conker's Bad Fur Day designer Chris Seavor returns to Nintendo consoles for the first time in over a decade. Meanwhile, rumors point to a November 13 release date for the PlayStation 4 in Europe.