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Use the sound of your beautiful voice to find your phone with Android Wear

It’s not fun to look for your phone with a crazed look on your face, just when you need to head out the door. Thankfully, the latest update to Android Wear lets you find your Android device using only your voice.

The new Android Wear feature adds support for Android Device Manager, which lets you track, lock, and erase your lost or stolen Android device. You can either say “OK Google. Start. Find my phone,” or select, “Find my phone,” from the Start menu to reconnect you with your long-lost device.

However, seeing as Android Wear connects to your Android smartphone through Bluetooth, you’ll have to be within a certain distance of your phone to discover it. This should work out just fine in most apartments and houses, though. When the device is within range, it will continuously ring at full volume until you find it.

It’s an extremely useful feature for when you know you left your phone in a pocket or in between the sofa seats, but you just can’t find it to save your life. It’s a scenario we’re sure has happened to everyone at least a couple of times.

After all, that’s what all those Bluetooth key finders like Tile are for, but now you won’t need to buy one of those, so long as you have an Android Wear device. According to Google, the feature will roll out to Android Wear users in the coming weeks, so be on the look out for it.