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Need the perfect travel Adapter? See why Mattias Klum chooses TESSAN

Recently, world-renowned photographer, explorer, and filmmaker Mattias Klum announced his collaboration with TESSAN. He shared his recommendation of the TESSAN WTA series Travel Adapter on his official website and social media. This partnership has garnered widespread attention, showing more people what a perfect travel adapter should look like.


If you are a frequent international traveler, you will realize that a small travel adapter can significantly impact your journey. It is no exaggeration to say that while many international travelers focus on suitcases, organizers, and other travel essentials, they often overlook the importance of a travel adapter. Despite being a low-profile item, a travel adapter becomes indispensable when you carry multiple digital devices on an international trip because it addresses the crucial issue of charging and power compatibility.

Why a travel adapter is so important

First, you need to understand that not every country uses the same type of socket. For example, if you are on an international trip, departing from the U.S., passing through European countries, and eventually reaching Southeast Asia, you will discover that different countries have different socket types. This means your U.S. standard plug, like a simple phone charger, will not work in European or Southeast Asian sockets because it doesn’t fit. Interesting, right? But also a frustrating fact. This is where a travel adapter becomes essential as it allows your electronic devices to fit into different countries’ sockets. Finding the perfect travel adapter is a must for international travelers.

As the world’s leading travel charging solutions brand, TESSAN has always been paying attention to the charging needs of global travelers and explorers during global exploration. Since the launch of the WTA series of travel adapter products, TESSAN has redefined the travel adapter with its new fast charging technology and excellent product design. This product is also the winner of the 2024 MUSE Design Award. This fact has also refreshed this product category. people’s cognition.

This is how TESSAN makes the perfect travel adapter

A game changer: GaN technology

The application of GaN technology has made TESSAN Travel Adapters a game changer. The WTA series travel adapters use the latest GaN chip technology, making TESSAN WTA series products smaller and faster-charging than their counterparts. They also stay cool even with prolonged use. The series offers power configurations ranging from 15W to 140W, meeting various users’ charging and power needs.

All-in-one design for global use

The WTA series features four different plug types: Type C for the EU, Type G for the UK, Type I for Australia, and Type A for the U.S. The innovation of WTA lies in its all-in-one plug design and multiple USB ports, allowing up to six devices to charge simultaneously. It’s more than just an adapter; it’s a perfect solution.

Compact and easy to store

The WTA series products are smaller than a phone, fitting comfortably in one hand. Their mini design makes them smaller and lighter than regular power adapters, making them perfect travel companions that can easily fit into suitcases or organizers.

Mattias Klum’s trust and affection for TESSAN

As a user of TESSAN products, Mattias Klum does not hide his trust and affection for the WTA series. He said, “As a photographer, filmmaker, and artist collaborating with many renowned international institutions and organizations, I focus on endangered species, at-risk ecosystems, and threatened minorities. This work takes me around the globe and often into challenging situations. I need gear I can trust, from cameras and tripods to waterproof cases and storage media. TESSAN WTA series adapters are my natural choice. They are durable and adaptable – a professional tool for professionals.”

Perfect adapter? More than adapter!

As a leading brand in travel charging solutions, TESSAN  focuses on meeting the charging needs of global travelers and explorers. Since the launch of the WTA series, TESSAN has gained widespread attention for its innovative fast-charging technology and superior product design. TESSAN’s mission is to connect people and their lives, helping them enjoy their journeys, explore the unknown, and discover themselves.

TESSAN aims to create the perfect travel adapter, allowing people to travel the world without worrying about power issues. So, if you are planning your next adventure, consider adding this perfect travel adapter to your luggage.

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