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Dabbsson DBS1000 Pro power station: A versatile top power contender

Dabbsson DBS1000 Pro portable and being carried on trip

There’s no hiding the fact that the portable power market is oversaturated these days. There are so many one-off brands, so many portable power stations to choose from, home backup power solutions, portable power packs, and expansion batteries — there are just a lot. So you better believe that anything new hitting the market needs to have some really nice features, offering quite a unique experience, at least in comparison to everything else that’s available. Well, color me surprised when I got my hands on Dabbsson’s new portable power bundle, including the DBS1000 PRO power station and DBS2000B battery pack.

With a base capacity of 1,024 watt-hours, the DBS1000 Pro station can be expanded to 3,072 watt-hours with just a single expansion battery. You can even connect up to two DBS1000 Pro plus four 2,048-watt-hour expansion batteries (DBS2000B) to build up to a maximum of 10,240-watt-hours. That’s impressive and ideal for active, adventurous travelers, but most importantly, anyone who needs a modular energy option. It’s all the power you’ll ever need while camping, taking a road trip, or living off-grid out of a van or RV.

The real question is how it works for the average person, like me, who’s looking for accessible, modular power for various activities. I’m not a big outdoors guy, so I’ll be using it around the house and for emergencies — I’m in Florida, pretty close to the hurricane highway. Don’t worry. I fully intend to put Dabbsson’s gear through its paces.


Dabbsson DBS1000 Pro being used to power RV

While the bundle includes both the power station and an expansion battery, I’m primarily going to focus on the design of the power station — the main unit — for this review. Admittedly, nothing stands out about the device’s aesthetics. It’s not particularly attractive, but it’s not exactly hideous either. It’s about the same size as most other power stations. The images make it look a little more compact, but you’ll definitely have this thing placed and static while powering up your gear. I mention that because it’s not like a portable pack you can toss in a bag or pocket.

It weighs about 35 pounds, so it’s not incredibly lightweight, but it’s definitely manageable. If you’re moving it around your house, property, or campsite you won’t have any issues, and you don’t have to be a bodybuilder to maneuver it either. There are grooved carrying handles on each side to make it easier to lug around, too.

The flat top and bottom make it easy to place and ensure the unit stays level on solid ground. Most of the ports are on the front and sides, with nothing on the back.


Dabbsson DBS1000PRO and expansion batteries modularity

The power station and accessories’ compact design means you can take them anywhere, stowing them in a car trunk, the back of any vehicle, an RV compartment, and more. They’re also light enough for a single adult to lift and move around a campground or property. Lending itself to that portability is the option to set up or establish a fully modular system.

The power station stands alone if needed. At any time, you can connect expansion batteries to expand the full capacity. A single battery expands the total up to 3,072-watt hours, but you can connect up to two DBS1000 Pro + four 2,048-watt-hour expansion batteries (DBS2000B) to build up to a maximum of 10,240-watt hours. Not only do they connect, but they also disconnect, which is important when you need to move camp, have somewhere else to be, or if you need to stow them away.

During my testing, I didn’t need anywhere close to that much power; however, connecting the extra batteries is simple and works like a charm. That modularity is really going to come in handy in a pinch, like during an extended outage. If you’re out in the boonies somewhere and can’t get to an outlet, that’s another time it’s going to be useful, not to mention the solar charging support.


Dabbsson DBS1000PRO solar charging and connectivity

As far as connectivity is concerned, you can power up to 12 devices at once across varying ports. The Dabbsson DBS1000 Pro features USB-C, USB-A, AC, and DC, with multiples of each. There is also a car port for powering travel devices, if needed. Two extra battery ports allow you to plug in the expansion batteries without taking up any connections you’d need. Plus, you get an AC charge port, solar or car input combined, a data port, and overload protection.

With its 2400 watts high output (DBS1000 Pro + DBS2000B) and a max output of 4400 watts (2 DBS1000 Pro + 2 DBS2000B) — with the max expansion batteries connected — the DBS1000 Pro + DBS2000B can power just about anything electronic, from a tablet to a drone, small appliances, power tools, and more. It has enough power to keep a portable refrigerator going at 45 watts for about 58 hours. It can keep campsite or yard lighting on for up to 40 hours, rated at 65 watts. Alternatively, it could keep something like a 1500-watt portable grill going for up to 1.7 hours or a 500-watt projector playing for over 5 hours. Want to power your Bluetooth speaker? That’s what I used it for a lot. A 7500mAh speaker can be recharged up to 94 times.


Dabbsson DBS1000PRO safety features while grilling out

As some may recognize, power solutions such as this often come with risks or safety-related concerns. Dabbsson offers cutting-edge safety, as each system is crafted of high-quality ABS and PC fire retardant materials, shielding you from potential hazards, including thanks to the reinforced aluminum alloy structure. It also features AI algorithm-powered BMS protection for heat, low temperature, overload and over-discharge. Moreover, it’s UL94-V0 certified for safety.

It’s a semi-solid state LiFeP04 battery with a 4,500 cycle lifespan and over 15 years of rated daily use. Dabbsson even offers a 5-year warranty.

After all of that, it’s still capable of safely charging from 0% to 80% in 60 minutes through regular AC power. With a 1200-watt solar panel, it also fast charges using renewable energy.

Extra Features

Dabbsson DBS1000PRO extra features while out in the wild

Alongside its 10x expandable capacity, you get super-fast AC charging, so it’s ready to go in record time, solar charging support up to 1200 watts, reliable and intuitive app controls, and customizable lighting. That’s right, the Dabbsson DBS1000 Pro features customizable lighting that can be set to a soft glow, powerful beam, or even put in an SOS mode during emergencies.

Use Cases: How would you use it?

Dabbsson DBS1000PRO use case in workshop to power tools

Beyond its expandability, the Dabbsson DBS1000 Pro power station is excellent for any basic power needs, and with a battery, it’s the ultimate combo. Imagine setting up a power solution just about anywhere. In your backyard to power some tools? No problem. On a job site doing the same thing? Yes, it’s possible. How about powering speakers or lighting for an outdoor party? Or, more importantly, powering small appliances and cooking devices so you can eat while exploring the great outdoors. In my case, the latter will be for when the power goes out during a bad storm, and I still want to eat like a King. Okay, maybe not a King, but I’d still like some warm, delicious food.

The Verdict

Overall, the Dabbsson DBS1000 Pro stands out in several ways:

  • It charges fast, both through standard AC and solar power. So, you’ll never be without backup energy, especially if you have an expansion battery or two with you.
  • It delivers up to 2000 watts of power, or 2400 watts, when connected to one DBS2000B, which is enough to power pretty much anything, including small appliances.
  • Buying an extra battery DBS2000B boosts its capacity to 3,072Wh, giving you a 30% price advantage over other three-kilowatt electricity power stations on the market.
  • Finally, it has all the bells and whistles more expensive systems would include — or not include in sub-par options. You get mobile app interactivity and controls, built-in lighting with unique modes, and ultimate safety protection with a great warranty and top-notch support from Dabbsson.

If I were looking for a fully modular, reliable, and versatile system that I could take and use anywhere, from a remote campground to my backyard, this would be a top contender.

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