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Narwal’s Freo X Ultra honors reliable, maintenance-free cleaning for 7 weeks

Narwal Freo X Ultra smart robotic vacuum with familyWhy does anyone buy a smart robotic vacuum? For two primary reasons: To have a spotless home and to achieve that with minimal effort. But you’d be surprised how many modern vacuums don’t offer such a thing, or worse yet, require constant attention. That’s not the case with Narwal’s Freo X Ultra, a brilliant smart robotic vacuum that requires minimal maintenance. Its self-contained dust processing and storage allows for up to seven weeks of continuous use without emptying any dustbins. Plus, the truly tangle-free experience thanks to a certified zero hair tangling brush means it won’t get trapped, clogged, or stuck because of any debris. It cleans right up to the edge of any wall or space, with 8,200 Pascals of suction power, and even has a built-in mop that scrubs away stubborn stains. All of this is possible with ultimate convenience and no hassles or messes. Sounds promising, indeed. Even better, from March 6 until March 12, you can use code NARWALNEW at checkout to get $200 off.

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Narwal Freo X Ultra Impressions | This Robot Vac Compresses Dust, Prevents Hair Tangling

Freo X Ultra’s super-versatile and maintenance-free dock is key

Narwal Freo X Ultra with dock in home

The seven weeks of maintenance-free operation is possible thanks to the Freo X Ultra’s versatile docking station. It offers auto mop washing, auto drying for the mop heads, auto detergent dispensing, auto station cleaning to keep the dock clean, and auto dust box drying. Combined, those functions ensure that the smart vacuum and mop are cleaned between uses and that the docking station remains clean. You never have to worry about it making a bigger mess, and instead can focus on what you’d rather be doing, like relaxing, spending time with your family, or indulging in another hobby.

When the dock is full and needs to be emptied, you only have to remove the HEPA dust bag and throw it in the garbage. There are no concerns about odors or further contamination, and it’s all contained and easy to manage.

Of course, none of that matters if the smart vacuum isn’t intelligent enough to navigate and clean your home. The Freo X Ultra cleans “like a human would,” learning and remembering the perfect routes around your home. LiDAR SLAM 4.0 navigation technology can get a 360-degree scan of the Freo X Ultra’s surroundings to achieve ideal pathfinding — and it can do this day or night, regardless of lighting conditions. Edge sensors and a radar positioning sensor provide further guidance and obstacle avoidance as the vacuum moves around. It won’t get stuck on furniture, decorations, or even toys lying about. That contributes to more time cleaning, less fuss on your part, and above all, more free time for you and your family.

Freo X Ultra is intelligent and adaptable

Narwal Freo X Ultra cleaning up spill

With automated mop lifting, the Freo X Ultra helps avoid wet and smelly carpets or rugs. The mop pads raise, changing to suction only to ensure the floors are cleaned appropriately and adapt to different floor types. More gentle suction and pressure are applied on wood so as not to damage the flooring. Meanwhile, on tile, the suction and pressure increase to give the floor a deep clean. The mop adapts to the weather, creating a wetter mop head during warm and sunny days to deliver a thorough clean that dries quickly.

Thanks to an intuitive and user-friendly app, you remain in control the entire time. You can establish no-go zones, adjust deep cleaning, and view the 3D and multi-level maps created for your home. Additional but handy features include voice controls, a child lock, and quiet cleaning for when you’re asleep or napping.

Battery life for a single charge is up to 210 minutes, but the vacuum can always return to its dock automatically to recharge and finish cleaning later if it can’t get the job done in those 3.5 hours.

Where can I get the Freo X Ultra?

Launching in early March, the Freo X Ultra will be available through Narwal, as you might expect, and participating retailers. We’re certainly excited to see such a thorough yet hands-free clean, and we’re willing to bet you are, too. Plus, now’s the perfect time to grab one because when you use code NARWALNEW at checkout, you’ll save $200. Hurry, though, that promotional code only works from March 6 until March 12.

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