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With these top PC deals, Dell is celebrating the best in tech

Dell Techfest and best tech on sale featured.

Kicking off Dell’s Tech Fest and celebrating the best PCs and electronics in the tech industry is a wide variety of top PC deals that you can capitalize on. From powerful Alienware gaming desktops to work-from-home-ready laptops, monitors, and peripherals, if you don’t find something worthwhile on sale, then you’re not looking hard enough. We’ve gathered up some of the best deals for you right here, but as always, we highly recommend browsing the sale to see what else you can find.

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The top Tech Fest deals

  • Alienware Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Bundle —
  • 32-inch Curved 4K UHD Monitor —
  • Inspiron Small Desktop —
  • Dell XPS 13 Laptop —
  • Alienware Aurora R16 Gaming Desktop —

Alienware Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Bundle — $200, was $250

Alienware gaming keyboard and mouse combo.

This keyboard and mouse combo — AW510K and AW720M — is just what you need to get a competitive edge in your games. Made for ultimate performance, they feature customizable hotkeys, pulse-pounding RGB lighting, and USB passthrough for your most valuable gear. Dedicated media keys on the keyboard make it easy to control and adjust media while you’re playing, too. For the price, this combo is excellent.

32-inch Curved 4K UHD Monitor — $320, was $360

Dell 32-inch curved monitor

Need a new or bigger monitor? Check out this 4K UHD-ready display, which features stunning ultra-HD resolution support, built-in speakers with premium sound, and a fully immersive curved design. With it seemingly wrapped around you, it’s like the picture is doing the same. AMD FreeSync compatibility, a 140HZ horizontal refresh rate, and anti-glare support only add to its functionality. Seriously, if you want a curved monitor, this is a great one, and the price makes it that much better.

Inspiron Small Desktop — $500

Inspiron small desktop for Dell's Techfest 2024.

Want a desktop but don’t have much room on your desk or countertop? No problem. This Inspiron Small Desktop gives you all the power you need in a compact design. Inside is a 13th-Gen Intel Core i3 processor, Intel UHD 730 graphics, 8GB of DDR4 RAM, and a 256GB M.2 PCIe solid-state drive. Plus, it comes pre-installed with the latest Windows 11 and includes a matching keyboard and optical mouse. You will have to supply the monitor, but there are a bunch on sale during Tech Fest.

XPS 13 Laptop — $799, was $1,099

Dell XPS 13 laptop on sale for Dell's Techfest.

This lightweight yet capable laptop is great for remote work, school browsing, and more. It features a 12th-Gen Intel Core i7 processor, Intel Iris Xe graphics, 16GB of DDR5 RAM, and a 512GB PCIe solid-state drive. The 13-inch non-touch InfinityEdge display is gorgeous and supports a full HD resolution of 1920 by 1200. Plus, the backlit keyboard makes it easy to work with, even at night or in low-light conditions. Don’t sleep on this deal if you need a new laptop.

Alienware Aurora R16 Gaming Desktop — $1,900

Alienware Aurora R16 gaming desktop with RGB for Dell's Techfest.

This Windows 11 Home gaming PC is rocking an Intel Core i7, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 Super, 8GB of DDR5 system RAM, and a 1TB M.2 solid-state drive. But that’s not even the best part. The sleek, RGB-laden design of the case will feel right at home in any gaming room, dungeon, or geek cave.

Dell’s Tech Fest features top deals galore

Celebrating best in Tech with Dell laptops on sale

While these are some of the more notable deals, trust us when we say you’ll want to head over to Dell’s Tech Fest event and browse for yourself. There are PCs, laptops, monitors, peripherals, and even game consoles available. Comm displays, business workstations, and a host of more powerful laptops are available, as well. We’ve barely scratched the surface. Don’t believe us? Go have a look!

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Celebrate modern computing and technology with Dell’s Techfest deals
Celebrating best in Tech with Dell laptops on sale

As part of a month-long celebration of modern computing and nearly everything tech-related, Dell is kicking off Techfest with a wide variety of deals, discounts, and promotions that you don't want to miss. March is hardly the time to expect great deals, but that's about to change. A precursory look reveals that everything from desktops and laptops to monitors and PC peripherals are on sale -- there's a lot of gaming gear, too. We'll have a few call-outs below, but you should also know why Dell is one of the best places to look for your work, school, or entertainment-related computer buys.
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Time for a second monitor? Get up to 25% off top computer monitor deals at Dell
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Why you should shop Dell's top computer monitor sale
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Incogni: Recover your privacy and remove personal information from the internet
Incogni remove your personal data from brokers and more

Everything you do while online is tracked digitally. Often connected to your email address or an issued IP, trackers can easily identify financial details, sensitive information like your social security number, demographics, contact details, like a phone number or address, and much more. In many ways, this information is tied to a digital profile and then collated, recorded, and shared via data brokers. There are many ways this information can be scooped up and just as many ways, this information can be shared and connected back to you and your family. The unfortunate reality is that, for most of us, we no longer have any true privacy.

The problem is exacerbated even more if you regularly use social media, share content or images online, or engage in discussions on places like Reddit or community boards. It's also scary to think about because even though we know this information is being collected, we don't necessarily know how much is available, who has it, or even what that digital profile looks like.

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