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Pitcher perfect: BrewDog is building a beer-themed hotel for craft beer lovers

Indiegogo - The DogHouse & Sour beer facility, Columbus.
Something big is brewing in Columbus, Ohio. Scotland’s BrewDog craft brewery is making a push into the States via one of the most interesting Indiegogo projects we’ve ever seen. In what will be known as the Doghouse, the company plans to raise funds to open a “craft beer hotel and sour beer facility” to offer beer lovers an unforgettable (unless you drink too much) experience.

From a romantic getaway to a company meeting, everything is better with beer. That’s why every facet of the Doghouse will be built around the craft beer experience. In the guest rooms, kegs, mini bars, and even shower fridges will ensure that you’re never far from a delicious, refreshing brewski. The hot tubs will be built out of recycled oak barrels, the very ones used in the beer aging process, and the spa treatments will be replete with hop-infused face masks and malt barley massages. Even the soaps and shampoos will be made with craft beer as an ingredient.

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BrewDog is known for a variety a beers, but the Doghouse brewing facility will focus on sours. The company says this will present a unique opportunity to experiment with some “insane recipes” while leaving its other locations to focus on traditional brews.

In just a few days, the crowdfunding campaign has raised $125,000 — well above the modest goal of $75,000, and likely still well below what a facility of this type will cost. A wide variety of perks are available at different pledge tiers for those interested in supporting the project. A one-night stay in the hotel for two people can be picked up for a jut $125, advertised as being worth $250. Tours and tastings start at just $25, while full spa treatments go for $1,000. The top tier is the $30,000 Doghouse Takeover, perfect for the corporate retreat where you want to make sure no actual work gets done.

We know, it’s exciting, but don’t pull at the leash just yet. BrewDog says the design for the Doghouse will be locked down this summer, but doesn’t expect the facility to open to the public until the third quarter of 2018.

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