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Work/Life: How to stay productive when working from home

On this episode of Work/Life, Greg Nibler sits down with Ciara Pressler, founder and author of Pregame, to talk about something that’s on many people’s minds right now: Working remotely from home. How do you balance being at home with also being at work? Pressler gives tips on how to be productive and stay sane when you’re working from home.

There are many reasons a person may be working from home. Whether it’s because you work for yourself, or perhaps you’re at home waiting for the cable guy or home with sick kids, or because you’re avoiding some sort of virus, many of us have to work from home at some point. With all the distractions of home life, it’s hard for many people to stay focused and on task when the call of the couch may be overwhelming.

So how do you stay productive and get work done while at home? Pressler says “the first step is ‘Get to work!’” Get out of bed, get dressed for work, and get yourself in the mindset that it is now time to work, and not just lay around. “You need to switch into work mode and give your subconscious some clues” that it’s time to get to business, she says. Give yourself a dedicated space to work, away from where you usually relax.  If you don’t give yourself the space and mindset of accomplishing the work you have, the endless distractions will take their toll on your attention span.

Next, make sure you “have a schedule,” Pressler says. It’s important to be more disciplined when you’re at home than when you’re at work, simply because there are so many distractions. Set a timer for uninterrupted work time, take breaks, and make sure you’re using your work time to actually work.

However, Pressler says, don’t forget to be social. “We all need connection with other humans, and other social time,” she says. Arrange a virtual happy hour to hang out with friends is a great way to have social time while still staying at home.

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