If 730 horsepower didn’t sell you, ABT’s Audi RS6 Avant also has colored carbon fiber

Supercars are, well, super. But they do still have a few drawbacks. The most obvious of which: Most supercars have only two seats, and have almost no room for cargo.

The Audi RS6 Avant looks to solve that problem, though. And this tuned version by ABT is going to send shivers down Lambo owner’s spines at the Geneva Motor Show.

This bad-to-the-bone wagon puts out an incredible 730 horsepower and 678 pound-feet of torque, which is significantly more than the 560 hp and 516 lb-ft produced by the ‘standard’ RS6.

The tuned Teutonic beast comes with a full body kit and 22-inch alloy wheels with some Dunlop tires, which are well paired with its new adjustable spring kit. To make sure it sounds as good as it grips, ABT added a stainless steel exhaust system to boot.

Performance wasn’t ABT’s only concern, though. The cabin has been tweaked with bespoke floor mats, a wild looking sport steering wheel with LED shifting lights, and shift paddles that makes the interior look more spaceship-y than German super wagon. Embroidered headrests and red carbon fiber are also included, because the only thing cooler than carbon fiber is colored carbon fiber.

This bespoke, family-hauling rocket is being kept to an extremely exclusive run of 25. This ensures not too many people can say they have a fire-breathing dragon in their garage. That, or the man at ABT like designing things more than they like actually assembling things.

Either way, we can all still enjoy images of the ABT RS6 Avant  next week in Geneva.