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All-electric ‘green Gran Prix’ Formula E racing coming to Los Angeles, Miami and…?

 Formula E

Is the world ready for an all-electric race series? We’re about to find out as the inaugural EV race season has been nearly completely booked.

Just this week, Formula E organizers submitted their schedule to the FIA for the 2014 season. With stops in LA, Miami, Beijing, London, Rome, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, and Putrajeya, Malaysia, the Formula E season has but two more cities to fill out its full season.

As you might expect by the name, the Formula E series features all-electric racecars. Spark Racing Technology (SRT) has built the cars with lithium-ion battery electric power from McLaren. The EV racers will hit a top speed of 155 miles-per-hour and are said to hit 60 mph from a dead standstill in three seconds.

We’re absolutely ecstatic by the Formula E futures. We are already huge devotees of the Formula 1 series and being green tech fans, we’re that much more intrigued by a “green Gran Prix.”

Motorcycle fans already have their own robust all-electric race series and the bikes just keep getting faster and faster.

With two spots in the schedule still up for grabs – we’d like to know – where would you like to see the Formula E green Gran Prix go? Tell us in the comments section Selfishly, we think Portland, Oregon would be a great location.

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